Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunflowers with Aloe and Mango painting

As promised, here is the "other" sunflower painting. I personally like this one better. I reduced the flowers to more simplified shapes. These were the same flowers as the first painting. I worked on both simultaneously. I hope the picture is okay. I had to reduce the resolution because some of my photos were taking forever to upload. I will get to the works in progress soon, but this week I have been working on making a cosplay costume for my daughter. She is going to Otakon in Baltimore this weekend. She is dressing as a male video game character, but I am okay with that. Hopefully some fun pictures will follow!


Her Eye Zone Art said...

Warm and "peachy" with just the right amount of cool tones. Very beautiful!

Is this cosplay like Japanese anime? It sounds like fun!

dive said...

Yay for cosplay! Fun!
I hope your daughter has a great time!
Wow! It's weird looking at a van Gogh subject and seeing a piece of fruit straight out of Cezanne … and all painted in your own style.
I could look at this for hours.

neetzy said...

Anita and Dive,

I love you both. I love Van Gogh and Cezanne. I guess you can tell they influenced me a bit! Wayne Thiebaud is also one of my faves when it comes to still life!

Yes, both daughters are anime freaks. The more demented the better. Last year oldest daughter just "went" to Otakon. This year she wanted to cosplay. I had fun just seeing all the get-ups and guessing genders!

dive said...

I'll have to take my camera along to our next local Anime-Fest.
Last time out the cosplayers were split into two groups; the real enthusiasts who looked fabulous and a bunch of dumpy local girls in home-made outfits and cat's ears who looked like they'd sewn their costumes with boxing gloves on.
They were pitiful and hilarious in equal measure, but had just as much fun as the others.

neetzy said...

Our outfit is "home-made" but I enlisted a professional to do the sewing. (Sewing is not one of my talents). I did the "sculptural" collar. We bought a cool platinum wig. (the most expensive item). No cat ears for my girl!

dive said...

Hey, Neetzy.
Shazza is taking a break. I hope everything's okay with her. Please pass on a hug from me when you next see her.

neetzy said...

Hey Dive and friends,
It has been two years today since our beloved mom passed away. Shazza was very close to Mom and is taking it very hard. It was a tragic untimely death due to lung cancer. I loved Mom very much but I do not think she realized it. We had a very strained relationship because I was a shit teenager. I thought we would have time to clear the air but it never happened.

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...


I know you think you never cleared the air and that your mom didn't know your feelings but trust me, she does now. And I bet she is very very proud of you and Shazza. Sorry if I overstepped, I know you don't know me yet.
take care and I wish you had more time with your mom.
Mrs. F.

neetzy said...

Mrs. Flabby, (I hate to call you that),
Thanks for the kind words. I have been going through an emotional time over my mother as of late. Mothers and daughters have deep ties. We are emotionally bound in ways that I think we are not fully aware of. I feel there were things I wish I said to her. She was a beautiful person. I was self centered and rebellious.