Monday, August 25, 2008

Visit Bob! (Robert) Andriulli,

The school year is starting on Wednesday so you may not see an original post from me for a bit. I have a ridiculous schedule. I am teaching eleven classes during the first semester. I also have a student teacher. The poor soul. She will probably never want to teach high school after witnessing my load I'll self-medicate with Prevacid and Maalox. Nothing too exciting.

So, I will treat you all to a link to my mentor and painting instructor, Robert Andriulli. The man is amazing and an inspiration to me. I have been a student of his (off and on) since 2000. Lately, I've been too "overscheduled to drop in on his classes. Enjoy Bob's site . I believe you can just click on my post title to get to there. (My technological impairment is showing). If that doesn't work, click on his Artist link. Thanks for listening. I feel better now.


dive said...

Wow! Such amazing skies and use of colour, Neetzy. I spent quite a time getting inspired over at his blog.
I can see some of his influence in your own colours and your palette knife work in particular although I must say that you surpass him in composition and there are at least four of your paintings I would far rather have hanging on my walls.

Good luck with the teaching. Keep us informed, even if it's only a few words from time to time.

neetzy said...

Wow! What can I say? I love you.
I can't believe you think I surpass the amazing Andriulli in any way. But, thank you, thank you. Bob has been a wonderful influence and inspiration to me. Now that I've gotten the first day of school under my belt, I am less stressed. Hopefully I can post some art by the end of the week.

Tom said...

The guy is amazing and I definitely saw his influence on your work as soon as I opened up his website. Best of luck with the new school year.

neetzy said...

Thanks Tom,

You have to really see Bob's work in person. The paintings are monumental in size. I bought one of the small urban landscapes. the more you look at his work, the more complex you realize it is.

I have the first day of school under my belt now. I think I will be okay! Thanks. You might not realize it, but I get very little sleep before the first week of school.