Monday, August 18, 2008

If you want to LOL....visit "Cake Wrecks"

Attention all bloggers who are bored enough to visit this site: Please visit the above-mentioned link. Just click on my title and you will get there! This is the most hilarious site I've visited in blogville (except for Dive! of course). I lol-ed and Lol-ed. I give credit to daughters A & D for introducing me to this site! If you LOL as much as I did, please leave me a comment!


dive said...

Holy crap, Neetzy, that's both tragic and hilarious!
I'll tell my mum to go take a look; she does wedding cakes so it will give her a good laugh (and make her feel better about her work).

Shazza said...


Love it!

The Chinese bound foot cake was my favorite...the horse's ass cake was pretty good...and the watermelon? Oh my!

neetzy said...

Dive and Shazza,

Thank daughter A again. She is the enlightened one who turns me on to these brilliant sites. Since this one is a blog, you all can comment directly!

the only daughter said...

I discovered Cake Wrecks a few weeks ago. It is indeed a hoot!

You might get a kick out of
Fail Blog too.