Saturday, December 5, 2015

Giant Ass

So during my summer Intensive I created this giant ass.  It was inspired by a woman I saw at the Dollar General Store.  She had a disproportionate derriere.  I was working with spray foam insulation and it reminded me of cellulite.  I had to experiment with paint as many did not adhere properly.  I finally chose spray enamel.  I entered it in a show called "Instinct".  The dimensions are about 3' wide by 2' high and about 2' deep.

I am back to painting for the moment.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


So I am going to blog again.

This time it is about my MFA.  Yes.  I enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts Program this past summer.   I have been looking for a low residency MFA and one afternoon I heard an ad on my Public Radio Station.   "...Wilson College's new MFA for visual artists and choreographers."  What?   Visual Artists and Choreographers?

I emailed them.

I am a crazy person.

I commuted to a four week summer intensive and I loved it.   I was uncomfortable being a middle aged, chubby mom.    I got torn down.  I was humiliated by the professors.  We all were.  The six of us.  Three visual artists and three dancers.

I was put completely out of my comfort zone.  Most of our classes took place in the dance studio.  We started with body/mind centering or meditation.  We learned about performance, systems theory, abject art, uncanny art.

Then we were set loose in our studios.  We were told to drop the familiar materials and try something completely different.  I did.

I started sculpting.  I created things with spray foam insulation.  I made a giant ass.  I took silk and shredded it, dyed it, draped it, painted it.  I made tits and weird faces out of the spray foam.  I learned how to build armatures out of paper and cardboard.

At the end of the four week intensive, I was all about world domination.  I felt badass.

So I will soldier on.  I only have a few more weeks of the online class.  I have another one in the spring.