Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rose Marie Harrison Murphy

It has been two years now since Mom has passed. I thought that I would have time to spend with her and tell her about things I never could when I lived through them. I imagined a time after my kids were old enough to leave for a few days... I pictured Mom, Shazza and me, drinking wine in some cheesy hotel room and laughing about adolescent angst. I wanted Mom to forgive me for all the hurt and pain that I caused her when I was an obnoxious adolescent. I always thought that I would have that time but I didn't. I thought we would have time to talk. We didn't. I'm sorry. I love you Mom.


dive said...

Neetsy, she would be so proud of you and rightly so.
And even more so to know that you still think of her and love her.

Shazza said...

{{{Anita}}} Someday we can do the cheesy hotel and wine thing and drink a toast to Mom!

Love ya sis!

neetzy said...


You are so kind. Thank you.

neetzy said...


You and I can do this and the hotel doesn't have to be cheesy. We can go somewhere nice. I'm thinking a dude ranch., or a spa or an artist's retreat..?

Perfectly Awful said...

No matter how old you are, no matter how old THEY are, no matter if they've been ill and their passing is really a blessing because it takes them out of a world of pain - it still sucks to have to say goodbye for the rest of *this* life for somebody you love and would like, more than anything, to share future experiences with.

I'm so sorry for your loss. You & me, Anita, both members of the Motherless Daughters club.