Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sam's Pond Painting by Anita Williams

This is a 16x20 oil painting of my neighbor's pond during the winter. I completed it in the spring. This was started on location as a sketch, but because it was a winter scene, I also used a photo reference. I consider this one of my semi-abstracts, as I used the photo reference as a "point of departure", and became intrigued by the colors and spaces created by the intermingling of weeds and trees, water and sky.


dive said...

I love it, Neetzy. What wonderful use of "negative space", light and colour and lovely sinuous lines.

Barbara said...

I see you are putting up your paintings fast and furious. You could try "slide" to showthem all at onece down a row, which is kinda nice ( see my blog barb's blog) I like that format but wish I could get rid of the slide ads on the site, you know?
Love your work!

neetzy said...


Thank you. Thank you.

neetzy said...


The slide show would be so much more efficient! I may have to open a new blog to do this, but right now my paintings are all in different folders and this is my way of digging them all up and revisiting. (Also it gives me something to write about!) I did see your barb's blog. Did you subscribe to a service for this?

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

So beautiful. What more can I say? I had a beautiful landscape in oils that I got as a wedding present that we lost in our house fire 18 months ago. I miss it. Its funny how a house is just a house without art. Thank you for sharing.