Thursday, July 17, 2008

Professional Yo-Yo Dieting

Hi, my name is neetzy and I am a professional yo-yo dieter. I am an expert lifestyle changer. (The word diet is not allowed at Weight Watchers). We are changing our lifestyle. I am making good choices and eating the good food. I love the good food... In the Core program you can eat it without counting the fricking points. I hate counting the fricking points. I have to count points if I eat bread, or white flour or anything artificial. I have been teaching at a summer camp for a week and I believe EVERYTHING served here is bread, white flour and/or artificial. If I was a GOOD DIETER I would PACK. But....I confess....I suck at dieting. I have succumbed to cafeteria food and I DON'T CARE. Today I ate hot dogs and baked macaroni and cheese. For dessert we had jello. I ate all of it. I feel good. I think I want a cigarette.

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Shazza said...

Hang in there Neetz - I have a hard time when I travel...candy bars are too easy to eat when you don't know when you have time to eat.