Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I remembered my password! I have four passwords that I use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they are 4-6 letters/numbers in length. Blogger required eight! Major brain fart here. I made up some lame combination of my dog's names and apparently mispelled one of them as I could not log in for several days. I am not sure if I am psychologically and intellectually capable of memorizing eight alpha/numeric combinations. Please forgive my ineptness. I usually sit down to the laptop after I have had dinner and a glass of wine or two. I do not believe in drinking wine or posting pictures of my artwork before its time. These things take time to evolve. Patience friends. Focus grasshopper. Negative Space is slow.


Shazza said...

Ahhhh...password hell, I've been there. At work we have to change our password every 60 days so I never remember which password I'm using.

As an extra precaution...I write in on my blotter on my desk so I won't forget!

Real secure eh?

neetzy said...

Oooh, I'll remember to check your blotter next time I visit your office.