Friday, July 25, 2008

Aloe, Pomegranate and Mango Painting by Anita Williams

Just so you all do not think I am all wild colors, here is one of my calmer, still life paintings. I have been exploring textures, and getting into heavy scraping lately. The result is often more abstract than this. This one was actually completed about a year ago.


Barbara Pask said...

Lots of new ones since I visited last. I have a fondness for still life so this one really appeals to me. Have you painted anything just lately?

dive said...

Wow! We go from Samuel Palmer to Cezanne!
Even your muted earth colours are intense and vibrant, Neetzy. And your brushwork and pallette-knife work is amazing.
Every one of these paintings would go so well on my walls.
Hey, would you be so kind as to include sizes (and price)?

neetzy said...


Yes. I will be adding them as I photograph them. I have three in a show now. I also have 3-4 in the works and a few that I just finished recently and haven't posted yet. I am taking a graduate class right now so I'm a little behind on things. That's why I'm posting the paintings that I had ready to go. If I were more organized I would post them all together, but...that is not one of my talents.

Barbara said...

neetzy, I am back looking at your latest posts and loving them. this one is quite calm, and the composition is so unusual that it is almost dreamy.just love your brushstrokes- bold and brash!

neetzy said...

Thank you Barbara, Barbara and dive!

Yes. I tried to post my newer ones tonight without success. I have to play with my image files. Some of the newer stuff is experimental as I didn't have the pressure to "show". They may not appear quite finished. My class is over Thursday so I will have a little more time to problem solve. Yes Dive, most of my paintings are for sale.