Monday, July 21, 2008

Sacred Grove Revisited, Painting by Anita Williams

This was my original swirling vortex painting. This is fairly large 29x29. I started it on location and the original title was called the Sacred Grove. After looking at it for six months or so, I decided it needed more depth. I took it into my studio/shed and turned on some music (I can't remember what), started painting away and this is the result. This is obviously not a purist plein air piece, but I definitely had fun painting it. Please click on the painting for details and brushstrokes!


Shazza said...

This one reminds me of a Tiffany lamp

Barbara said...

I am glad you somehow found your way to my bog and left a comment for me. I am laughing at you and your blog- great art, great insights. Keep up the good work, your work is quite lovely-colorful, and full of movement. I have found several sites for photo slide shows, some are on my blog. Keep in touch, art teacher! (ps did you visit my blog about teaching art?)

dive said...

This one reminds me so much of Samuel Palmer's madder (and best) paintings.
Only trippier!

neetzy said...

Thanks again to a fellow crazy art teacher. I visited your teaching blog. I think that's how I found your paintings!

neetzy said...

Thank you so much. I was not familiar with Samuel Palmer! Your comment inspired my to do some researching! I found some of his paintings at The British Museum.

marianne said...

Wow this one is stunning!!!