Friday, April 23, 2010

Not Quite Sepia Babies

The first photo is my father, Walter J. Murphy, Jr. aka the Semiconductor, wondering what to do with his newborn daughter in 1959. Walter is holding the perfect little girl.

While wandering through the Murphy archives, I thought it appropriate to show my gorgeous mother, Rose Marie Harrison Murphy, with my first wailing newborn, Annelise.

Annelise was a squaller. I didn't like her much until my maternity leave was almost over. She immediately conquered the colicky crap and became the perfect baby. I fell in love with her and quit my job at the community college.

This, however, is what she looked like during the first four months of her life.

In contrast, I will show you the perfect child. This little cherub was born in 1959. How do you like that Snow White dress?
I am not quite sure but I think the first couple are my mother's friends. The woman is my godmother. The man is her husband.

Sorry, I don't mean to be narcissistic, but yours truly is the star of the first series of Murphy Family photos.


Nana Jo said...

I adore the Snow White dress! My granddaughter (age six) would adore it, too. I, too, had a colicky baby ... my second son ...poor wee man cried for seven months straight, or so it seemed at the time.

Vicki Lane said...

Love the Snow White dress! How could you not be a star with a get up like that?

Martin H. said...

And what a star! No wonder your dad looks so proud.

Betsy said...

You certainly were a cutie! love that last photo especially.

willow said...

Oh, my parents had that same sliding door shelf style headboard and same floral curtains in the early 60s as that first pic! Wonderful photos.

Leah said...

Yup, the Snow White dress is magical.

what a great series of photos.

Katie said...

These are such fabulous photos Neetzy. You are adorable of course (and your dad is quite the looker, if I'm allowed to say that). I once had a chair that looked like the sofa in the bottom photo.

Alan Burnett said...

You are the star, no doubt about it. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

Barry said...

It is not good to be narcissistic, unless you are that cute! And you certainly were.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute baby you were!!! I'm loving your pictures, Neetzy!

Pat said...

You absolutely look like a doll in that Snow White dress! My grand daughter (age 20) is a Snow White fanatic and would flip over that one! Nice photos, clear..why not be the star of your own series.!

neetzy said...

Thanks everyone! I don't know where my folks found that Snow White dress, but I haven't looked as cute since!

Nana Jo, We survived the colic!
Vicki, I wish my mom kept that dress!
Martin, I was cute then.
Betsy, I don't know what happened since.
Willow, my mom has passed on, but my father still sleeps in that bed.
Leah, All girls should have magical dresses.
Katie, Dad is still a looker. And if only the furniture could tell us what it has seen!
Alan, I enjoyed my fifteen minutes of fame!
Barry, Unfortunately at fifty, I am no longer cute!

Idiosyncrazies! said...

Awwwww, look how cute you were! No telling where Mom found that dress, but it's adorable. She really wanted two "girly girls" didn't she? oh well!

neetzy said...

It was fun when she could dress us up. Oh well, neither of us were very girly.