Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mixed Messages

One fine day while taking a detour off Interstate 81, we happened upon this little rural church.

It made me laugh.

I can just feel the love.

Why do I get the feeling that the members are card carrying members of the tea-bagger movement?


dive said...

I kinda get the feeling that if Jesus turned up there, with his middle-eastern looks and "socialist" message of love and compassion, the "good" people of the Moonshine church would run him out of town at gunpoint.

By the way, Neetzy, my word verification thingie is "shootie."

jeannette said...

How funny -no trespassing, because we're moonshining?

neetzy said...


I totally agree. I keep telling my bible thumper students that Jesus looked more like Osama bin Laden than. By the way, I was a little worried about getting shot when I took the picture! "Shootie" heehee.


I think they're moonshinin for Jesus.

Poetikat said...

They're talking about the real thing - the moonshine, I mean, right? (as in the moon and it's shining?)

I would have stopped in my tracks too.


Idiosyncrazies! said...

Get enough moonshine in me and all I will be worshipping is the porcelain god.

Nana Jo said...

Love this! You are so right! Oh, the irony! If Jesus showed up in Arizona, he'd certainly be asked for proof of documentation based on his looks.

I am at a total loss to understand how so-called 'Christians' can aligne themselves with such prejudice. I'm a red hot liberal, but the whole Tea bagger thing has even conservatives here in Canada baffled.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Kinda scary, right? I wonder what these people actually look like!

Katie said...

Thanks for risking your personal safety to take this great photo Neetzy! I wonder what the penalty for trespassing is -- being forced to sit through a Moonshine sermon?

neetzy said...

Poetikat, Judging by its location...I think it was liquid moonshine.
Idio...see above.
Nana-Jo, These are the types of people Karl Rove has been targeting. I'm sorry, undereducated, church-going and members of the NRA.
Janelle, I didn't see anyone around.
Thank you for understanding. I risked my life for this photo lol!

John Hayes said...

What a great shot! Yes, that's Tea Party territory all the way, for sure.