Friday, November 27, 2009

The Ocean in November

Surf fisherman casting off the Longport Jetty in November. This is so familiar and beautiful to me. I love when the fog obscures the horizon. Where does the ocean end and the sky begin?
I always considered Longport to be our beach.
Mom thought I would have my wedding on this jetty. I didn't. We threw Mom's ashes into the ocean here. It is a spiritual, transcendant kind of place.
My favorite time to visit the ocean is during the "off season".

I make it a point to make the three mile drive to Longport everytime I visit Dad. Longport is a quiet, residential beach town dangling on the edge of Absecon Island. Absecon Island is better known for it's top end, Atlantic City

The crowds are gone. The sun may or may not be shining.

It doesn't matter. I love the Atlantic without sun, beach blankets and lifeguards. She is beautiful in her monochromatic moodiness.

Thanksgiving Thursday was warm and foggy. We are walking along the Longport beach toward Atlantic City. You can see a few Margate high rises, but the casinos of Atlantic City are obscured by the fog. I like it much better this way.

We found Jake and Elwood jamming on someone's deck. They didn't know we were coming.

This is the view from the Longport jetty looking out across the inlet to Ocean City. The distant bridge takes you to that other shore resort. The place where I used to hang out when I was a teenager. I remember beach jams at the Ninth Street Pavilion. If we hung out long enough, someone would come by with a guitar, a fiddle, a set of bongos. We'd start out on the pavillion but when the crowd grew we'd end up on the beach. The rent-a-cops would try to kick us off. The ferris wheel is usually visible, but not today.

Perhaps a painting will come from these photos?
This might be more suitable for a graphite subtraction?


jeannette stgermain said...

a velvety oil would also be nice!
beautiful serene pics bytheway:)

Janelle Goodwin said...

I can see why you love this place. It seems to have such special memories for you. Thanks for sharing these pictures of the ocean in November.

Winifred said...

I love winter beach scenes too. Much more interesting.

neetzy said...

This is probably THE most spiritual place for me (because of all the memories). I will attempt something, but it might take awhile to post as it will have to be to my liking!

As I explained to Jeannette. This is my special place. It is special to my entire family. I'm glad you appreciate the off-season beauty.

Thank you. I'm glad you understand.

dive said...

What a gorgeous post, Neetzy.
A truly beautiful and special place. Like you, I love beaches in winter far more than summer.

neetzy said...

Thanks Dive,

This place conjures up so many memories...good and bad. Many angsty teenage days were spent sulking on that jetty.

Ashleigh Mayes said...

This ocean looks gorgeous!!

And the Gel Transfer thing is such and EASY thing to do!! It also leaves me with a feeling that I've made something beautiful without putting all the work like I would with DRAWING out the photograph. It's super just takes some practice. Easily done in one class period!

Shazza said...

Hey sis - thanks for this post. A lot of great images here that have brought back memories of my own.

You're right: Longport is our beach.

neetzy said...


I'll have to try that gel transfer thing! Isn't the ocean gorgeous is November?


I love that no one outside of Atlantic County has ever heard of Longport. It will always be "our beach".

I only wish I would have held the camera straight so the horizon wasn't so skewed! I didn't even have a drink!

Poetikat said...

These photographs are terrific, Neetzy! I would love to see you work your magic with these scenes.

Sounds like a wonderful place to grow up.
I'm with you, I prefer such spots without the throng of high season crowds.

Poetikat said...

Neetzy, please visit "Keepsakes" where I have given you an award. Thanks,


neetzy said...


Thanks! You are amazing!

kel said...

i love longport. with all my heart. i cant remember a summer that i didnt go there! my sister and i have always wanted to get married on the beach, and my mom wants her ashes to be put in the ocean of longport once she passes. im still growing up here in the summers and its my favorite place to be. its probably the best beach to grow up in and i love your pictures!

kel said...

i love longport with all my heart and my friends and family do too! i have so many great memories there and i still have many to come! my sister and i have always wanted to get married on that beach, and my mom wants her ashes to be placed in the longport ocean once she passes. its really strange how similar your story is to part of my memories there.. but i love your pictures of the beach and hope to see a painting of something longport!