Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Prediction Challenge!

Time for my winter prognostication. After all I live in the land of the groundhog. Punxatawney Phil is my neighbor.

I must admit that I love to predict the severity of the winter. It's a crapshoot, of course, but WTF? Weather prediction is a fun, wholesome recreational activity. If I'm wrong, "Oh well." If I am right, I can smile smugly and think, "ha." No harm. No foul.

For the record I am predicting a cold, wet, snowy winter.

I am basing my prediction on nuts. I swear by the nuts. The more nuts, the more snow.

We walk through the woods a lot. I notice the nuts on the ground.

I have noticed a correlation between the number of nuts and the severity of the winter. Few nuts - light winter (the last several years). Numerous nuts - nasty winter. The last time I noticed we had 36 inches of snow during one storm.

Some people predict winter's wrath by other methods...wooley bear caterpillars, hornet nest heights, the Old Farmers Almanac.

I'm curious to hear your predictions and methods. We could have a contest...or not.

If this is boring to you, I apologize. Most of you know I'm a weather geek.

Geeks Rule!


Tom said...

I see nuts, too neetzy, and they are everywhere. It has already snowed in the mountains (hills) here and that doesn't usually happen until Jan. -Feb. if at all. When I mean snow in the hills, it's like a light dusting. Out here, someone was predicting El Nino's rise which means warm, tropical storm fronts with lot's of moisture. We need the rain. Not sure what this means for your neighbor Phil. If you look out your porch, can you see Phil's home?

neetzy said...

We've gotten snow already. Not a lot, but it was snow. Sometimes El Nino produces a warm wet winter around here. Tnis year, however, the weather guys are saying the jet stream is tracking "lower", therefore mixing the cold Canadian air with all that El Nino moisture which could result in more snow.

BTW I can't see Phil's home from my porch! I can see Dover Doug's.

Janelle Goodwin said...

So far here in Chicago, it's been cold (zero) and we have a "pretty" amount of snow. Just to get us all in the spirit. If your nut theory is correct, we should be in for a doozy. There were walnuts everywhere this fall and the squirrels were going crazy!

neetzy said...

I couldn't walk without crunching on nuts...walnuts, hickory nuts, acorns, etc. I think Nature is providing for her creatures.

Shazza said...

Weather geesk UNITE!

Since we chopped down our oak tree I haven't had a good winter barometer in my yard, but at the park where I walk the dogs there are plenty of nut trees and this year there has been nuts of plenty.

I agree with your prognostication and your prediction too! ;)

dive said...

Geeks do indeed rule, Neetzy.

I love your prognostication method; we do the same with rowan berries.

I'm afraid my own predictions are somewhat less exotic, indeed they are the same every year: winter will suck. Roll on spring!

neetzy said...


The nuts could also be the result of a wet summer! We shall see!


Winter sucks but it helps to commiserate with friends! There is something romantic about hunkering down and drinking red wine in front of a roaring fire.

Poetikat said...

Do nuts of the hominid variety count? We have a proliferation of them here.
My mother-in-law swears by the bushiness of squirrel-tails. We have some extremely bushy fellows at the moment. I need to get new boots. The snow is going to fall and fall and fall.
(Of course, she's also in the habit of calling them "jerks" when they run in front of her car, so...can we believe her?)

Here's to GEEKS!

neetzy said...


Hominid nuts are always abundant! You should see some of my classes! You probably get lots of snow up there(at least judging by your photos). I'll have to check out those squirrel tails.

Shazza said...

I think your predictions are coming true! Duck and cover!

neetzy said...

Nuts rule!