Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not the Cone of Shame

Fiona is proudly displaying her war wounds.

Every Monday night, the family rolls the garbage cans out to the road. The dogs love this.

Fiona is one half border collie, one half golden retriever. The border collie personality is dominant.

She chases and herds everything. By everything I mean the garbage can on wheels, cars, the cat, the other dog, the children, wild animals, bugs, toads, frogs, and me.

She ran off barking after something on Monday. When she came back, she didn't look so good. We did not "see" anything on Monday. Black fur hides blood.

On Tuesday, we noticed she was a bit sluggish. When my daughter tried to hug her, she noticed that Fiona was a bit "cut".

Cut badly, to the muscle. She required overnight hospitalization, 12 large stitches and this lovely drain. She wears a T-Shirt instead of the Cone of Shame. The first day she wore an anti-bullying T-shirt. On this day, she wore "Refuse to Lose" on one side and "Go Ask George" on the other. My daughters both loved this shirt. We are not sure where it came from. Today she is wearing a girl scout Tee.

You can sortof see "Refuse to Lose" here. Those are my hobbit legs. I covered the hairy feet with sneakers. Note the Bitchen Red Honda Civic in the background behind the wood pile.
Fiona is one dignified dog.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Awwwwww. Poor baby! But at least she gets to wear those cool tee shirts and not the cone of shame. Please let us know how she progresses!

neetzy said...

Thanks Janelle!

She is acting fine, but seems a little peeved that we skipped her Sunday walk and swim in Sam's pond.

Maria said...

That is one big ass cut. How in the world did it happen?

dive said...

Ahhh … Get well soon, Fiona!

For a quadruped she has pretty good fashion sense.

neetzy said...


We have no idea. She ran after something in the dark. It either "got" her or she ran into something! We took out the drainage tube yesterday. The stitches come out Saturday.


She doesn't seem to mind the shirts. I could not keep an Elizabethan (cone of Shame) collar on her.

Shazza said...

Behind the wood pile - all things evil lurk there.

neetzy said...


Heehee. The woodpile is full of lurking creatures. Fiona protect us! She is getting her stitches out tomorrow.

Poetikat said...

What a gorgeous girl she is! Ooh, such a nasty gash; I hope she's okay now.
Love the tee-shirts. What a great idea!