Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm on Vacation!

Hi everyone. I'm on vacation so I probably won't be around. I have to pay for the internets.
We arrived in San Francisco Monday afternoon. We had a wonderful time. While there, I got to meet the amazing Katiefornia!

Today we traveled down the coast to Santa Cruz, Carmel and Big Sur. My brother was an amazing tour guide.

I will post photos when I return to Pennsylvania somewhere around July 10th. If I get a hotel with free internet I might visit your blogs, otherwise I am taking a break. Ciao!


dive said...

Have a brilliant time, Neetzy!
Take lots of lovely photos for your fans.

Poetikat said...

Hope you're having a fan-tastic time! Don't forget the pics!


neetzy said...

Hi Dive,

I'm back! I had a fantastic time. We loved meeting Katie. Now I have to figure out which pictures to post. I have a ton!

Hi Kat,

I have so many photos! I just can't decide which ones to post! I'll load them in my computer and decide. I may start with animal pictures.