Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tidal Pools - New Painting by Anita Williams

I know I promised to post a painting about a week or two ago. Just to let you know that I haven't been sitting around and eating bon-bons during my summer vacation. This is one of my experimental acrylic paintings. I painted it using a limited palette of blues on yupo paper. I added just a little bit of quin gold for interest.

This was a purely non-objective experimental painting. I wasn't trying to paint anything in particular but I did visualize the ocean during the painting process.

When I took this painting out of my portfolio to photograph it today I named it "Tidal Pools". This is not a literal interpretation of a tidal pool, but an amalgamation of coastal feelings. I grew up close to the ocean. I love the colors of the ocean. I am always fascinated by the variation of blues, greens and grays that can be presenting at any given time. I am most familiar with the Atlantic. I have also visited the Pacific and the Caribbean. This painting is not of a particular ocean. This is not really a landscape. To me the ocean holds mysteries and memories both good and bad. I spent my adolescence with the ocean as my backdrop. I took it for granted. My ankle was severely shattered in a wave six years ago.

Now I look at the ocean with awe and respect. I have tried painting "landscapes" of the ocean, but I was never happy with them.
Stay tuned. I photographed two other works in progress today (we finally had a little sun). I decided to post this one.


Shazza said...

Kind of reminds me of the jetty on the Longport beach! I love the colors!

Poetikat said...

It makes me think of abalone shells. I love your work! This is absolutely gorgeous! The title is ideal.


neetzy said...


There were all sorts of little tidal pools on the jetty! Little miniature ecosystems. Thanks.


Thanks. I love abalone shells. I like doing these "non-objective" paintings and letting the title come to me.

Heather Neill said...

We're headed up to the Vineyard next month...but until then I feel like I could dip my feet in this painting and get some cool relief from the heat ! Nice one.

neetzy said...

Thanks Heather,

Lots of tidal pools up there! I might be dipping into the Pacific this year. (It will probably be way cold). We're leaving for the West coast Monday!

Katie said...

I really like this painting and get a good water vibe from it. Being a coastal gal myself, I can relate. Tidal pools remind me of summers spent in Maine, where there were always interesting things to find in the pools.

FYI, I never got your email. Stupid blogger! My gmail address is just the name of my blog, so try sending one directly. I'd hate to miss meeting you when you're in CA because of missed emails!

neetzy said...


Thanks! I'll try the gmail thing! I'd really like to see you. I'm busy packing now.

dive said...

Hell, yeah!
I want that so much it hurts!
Simply awesome, Neetzy, and you know I really mean it.

Have a great time in SF! Katie's looking forward to meeting you. I wish I were there, too.

neetzy said...

Dive, Thanks so much. I am leaving at 3:30 am to catch my 6:45 plane out of Dulles. The 10-day weather forecast in Northern Cali is sunny with a 0% chance of precip! The temperature varies a bit depending upon the town. I can't wait to meet Katie!

jeannette stgermain said...

Oooh, I love your "experiment!" - I hope you do more experiments!
Eating bonbons sounds lovely, but that has to wait (sigh) since I'm packing to move LOL

neetzy said...


I was kidding about the "bonbons". I did eat at Bastille Day" on Belden Alley in San Francisco today. I'm glad you're enjoying my fun experiments.

jeannette stgermain said...

I really like this painting - it looks and smells like "vacation" - sun, water, wind - what else does one need?