Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Class To Go!

Oh-Kay. I googled grad school funnies and found this. I tried to google the profession known as "dick" and found nothing. Perhaps I need to refine my Google search. I am not quite sure what a Renaissance dick does, but I would certainly like to know. I appeal to the knowledgeable people in blogland. Please enlighten me!

I just finished my 9th class in the series for my 27th graduate credit toward my Master's degree. Woo-hoo. One more class to go! I plan to finish before the end of July.
I am not going for my MFA. I am just going for the M.Ed. in Educational Development and Strategies (or something like that).
Today I finished a class on Brain Based learning strategies. My fellow students (all professional teachers) were teaching classes on DeadFish ball. (a variation of volleyball), TSEGball a football/basketball hybrid, Creative Tie-Dye, Ladder Bowling and Creative Cooking. We were using inductive teaching practices. We had fun. This was a marathon, five (nine-hour day) course.
We also learned how to "load, cock and shoot". ( B-Ball strategies haha). Yes. My mind is definitely in the gutter.
Do not get me wrong. This was an intense class full of inductive learning. I am just exhausted and a little tipsy.
I will take one more class in July and afterwards I will have met all the requirements for my Master's Degree. Woo-hoo. I feel a celebration coming!


dive said...

Yay for your Master's, Neetzy!

Here in Norwich one of our mediƦval guilds was The Worshipful Guild Of Dick Fools. There's a stained glass Dick Fool in Dragon Hall; I might post a photo one day.

So if your Master's doesn't lead directly to a job as a famous artist, you could come over here and join a guild!

Now I'm going to run away before you hit me.

Shazza said...


neetzy said...


Haha! I like the Worshipful Guild of Dick Fools! I'd love to see the stained glass Dick.

I don't expect to get famous, but at least I have a job involving art! I figure I'll be a popular painting teacher in a retirement community someday! Can you say Boca Raton?


Thank you sis.

Katie said...

Hi Neetzy! Sorry I haven't been around on your blog lately. I've been, um, busy with stuff. I think you'll understand though. Hee hee. How cool that you're just one class away from your Masters! Even if you haven't finished yet, I'd love to buy you a congratulatory clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl when you come out to SF! We'll definitely have to be in touch as I'd love to meet you. And how COOL you got to meet Mr. Prairie Home! I can't believe I lived in Minnesota for 7 years and never went to the show. And if Dive doesn't post his Dick Fool photo, I took one too and I'll be happy to send it to you!

Maria said...

Well, I had no idea what a dick was glad to be enlightened.

neetzy said...


Thanks. I guess you have been busy! But we are all so happy for you and Dive. I will be leaving for SF one week from today! We never tire of Sourdough and Chowdah! We will stay the first two nights in SF and then go on down to Santa Cruz. We will then visit cousins in Modesto and then traipse off to Yosemite. We will be back in SF on the 7th. Let me know if you will be in town!

I am anxiously waiting for Dive to post his stained glass dick! We will all benefit from his infinite wisdom.

Katie said...

Neetzy I'll be around, both next week and the 7th and after. I can meet you anywhere, either at lunch or post-work hours, so send me an email (which is listed on my blog) and we'll try to set something up!

Poetikat said...

Congratulations, Neetzy, you are certainly to be admired/commended/revered!(pick one)

Isn't a dick a detective? I don't get the bakery connection though. Then of course, there's "Spotted Dick" which sounds more like an STD than a dessert, but that's the Brits for you, what?
No offense, Dive. I am an absolute Anglophile!


neetzy said...


I'll go get your email right away! I'd love to meet up with you.


I didn't know there were so many uses for the word "dick". The cartoon was found by accident! I hear there is now a "Dikipedia" website. (Dick Cheney is featured).

The Clever Pup said...


Thanks for visiting me. I get my Earth Shoes from They're pretty pricey.

I'll work on the Dick definition. Intriguing.

neetzy said...

Clever Pup,

Thanks so much for visiting! I used to get Earth shoes directly from the factory at very cheap prices. (That was in the 70s.)They had an outlet in Brooklyn. I loved them.

I spent the entire weekend looking for comfortable sandals. I shattered my ankle a few years ago. I can no longer wear flipflops. I ended up buying a pair of Men's Teva sandals. They look a little big. Oh well?

The Clever Pup said...


In a dictionary of archaic words I found the word DICK to mean a number of things. But I couldn't find anything definitive.

Those definitions that might fit are

1. A leather apron or bib (maybe someone who wears one)

2. To deck or adorn.

Hope that helps.. a little