Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blubber is Beautiful

I thought it would be fun to post some family photos from our wonderful California trip!

There we are enjoying some rocks off the Monterey peninsula! I am the beauty with my flippers crossed. Who needs a bikini with a body like this? The weather is gorgeous here. We have not had any precipitation. What is a little Pacific fog between friends?

California food is amazing. I think I've gained about ten pounds. I have been walking, hiking and horseback riding, but I don't think I've burned the calories I've consumed. Oh happy day!
San Francisco is fantastic. It is my favorite city in the US of A. Unfortunately I have a middle age metabolism. Everything I eat stays on my body. I have been eating San Francisco sourdough, croissants, burritos, ribs, etc. We have been incredibly busy. We have enjoyed visiting with family and friends. We have had the best vacation. Thank you California.
My treadmill awaits.


Katie said...

Welcome home!! Such fun to see these photos - I don't often see the sea lions. Love the one lounging on her back (it MUST be a her, no?). So glad you had fun in CA, especially SF with all the great food and sites. It was awesome to meet you and your family for chowder in sourdough bread bowls (well, I opted for pizza) and I hope to make it to PA one of these days to check out where you live. More photos from your trip please!

jeannette stgermain said...

Yes, we are spoiled in California with the best restaurants:)
I live here, but never been in Monterey yet.
I hear you - all middle aged people here, walk and excercise to keep up appearances. I only do the first, and read (food)labels like a paranoid person.

dive said...

Welcome home, Neetzy!
Glad you had a great time.
And boy howdy, you're looking good in those photos! Woohoo!

More vacation photos, please!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Thanks for posting these great shots, Neetzy! My daughter is going there in August and I'm so envious!

neetzy said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks. As much as I love your fair city, it is always good to be home. Not to get "technical" on you but these are harbor seals, not sea lions. If you want to see sea lions go to Pier 39 and follow the barks! BTW we just finished our last sourdough loaf.

California does have the best food. It is also fresh and healthy! (Unless you go to Jack-in the Box). Monterey is beautiful.

You will love San Francisco! Katie will show you all the hot spots! Thanks for the compliment. My body never looked so good! We took over 500 photos, so I promise to post some more. (Unfortunately I didn't get one of gorgeous Katie).

We took lots of photos. Some have excellent painting potential! My daughter took a lot of animal photos because she wants to paint them. She is a senior this year and is building up her portfolio. (I guess it runs in the family).

Shazza said...

Hey Neezty, glad you had a wonderful time.

neetzy said...


We had an amazing vacation. What can I say? I'll fill you in at the Phillies game.