Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Am Finished!

I am finally finished! All requirements have been met for my Master's Degree in Education. I have applied for graduation. I can attend a graduation ceremony in September or I can don the cap and gown, take a picture and create my own little party. I haven't decided. I have to pay $160.00 just to graduate. The fee includes the cap and gown. The main campus is in Wilkes-Barre, PA. They have great pizza there. Decisions...decisions.

While I ponder these matters, I will share some more California pics. These were all taken in the amazing and beautiful "Carmel by the Sea". Clint Eastwood was the mayor here. Doris Day's animal rescue is here. Our good friends eloped and were married on this beach.
This is an incredibly beautiful dog friendly beach. The water was beautiful. It was cold, but not too cold.
We paddled around a bit. I believe that is the famous Pebble Beach Golf Club on the left. We climbed some rocks to check out tidal pools and found a little friend!A sea otter, floating on his back and munching on shellfish. We used the zoom feature to capture this one.

Munching along the kelp forest.

Life is good.

I am finished. After a few celebratory beers with my classmates, I am happily resting my arse in the old easy chair. Whew!

The coursework was not too bad. The difficult part was balancing work and family and painting and studies and exhibiting and blogging, etc. Oh and I forgot to mention a social life. What is that anyway?


dive said...

Congratulations, Neetzy!
You have SO GOT TO GO to the Graduation ceremony.
We want pictures!

And wowee! How totally awesome that you got to see a sea otter! I am so insanely jealous.
Brilliant photos.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Congratulations, Neetzy!!! I agree that you must go to the graduation ceremony. I don't know how you managed what you did. You should be so proud! The sea otter was so adorable. Made me smile.

Winifred said...

Congratulations! It is hard studing when you have a family, I used to envy those students who just had to roll out of bed on campus to go to lectures, they usually looked like they had done that! I'd got everyone up, made breakfast, got the children washed, found PE kits, homework, found all the uniforms, got them out to school and tidied up before I got the bus to get me the 10 miles to the university.

What brilliant photos, that sea otter is brill!

Total rip off charging you for the graduation! Why don't they just let you rent the gear?

neetzy said...

Thanks Dive! Maybe I will go to graduation. The speeches should be shorter in September! That otter was the highlight of our trip!

Now you know why I've been slacking on my painting posts! Okay. I'll go.

Thanks for understanding the mom thing! I have been trying to rearrange my schedule to get my youngest to marching band camp! This morning she informed me she had no clean clothes!

Katie said...

What wonderful new Neetzy! I'm VERY impressed and like the others, want to see photos of graduation! Actually, I want to see photos of the pizza too. Love the otter photo - those critters are too cute and hard to capture. That's a beautiful beach - I just love Monterey.

Shazza said...


Congrats Sis! I am really, really proud of you!

neetzy said...


Thanks so much!
I think you have all convinced me to attend the ceremony! (It probably won't be a huge group since it is in September). Wilkes-Barre, PA has amazing pizza. Then again there is a large Italian population. Sorry Katie, but Cali doesn't quite "get it" with pizza. All the other food is amazing.

neetzy said...


Thanks! I'm ready. Do you want to meet us in Wilkes-Barre in September?

Katie said...

Neetzy them's fightin' words! Where did you have pizza when you were in California, and what was it you didn't like? There's some awesome pizza in Berkeley, I know that much!

neetzy said...

No offense Katie,

I took my brother's word. He's lived in the area for 15 years and told me "they just don't know how to make pizza" in California. My friends who lived just outside of Berkeley while attending grad school there told me the same thing. I must confess. I didn't try any. (Yours did look good)!

Chay said...

if they have good pizza you shouldn't have to think too hard ;D Congratulations!!!<3 I'm so proud of youuuu!!

Thank you so much for letting me tag along with you guys to Baltimore last weekend! I had a BLAST! :D!

I finally made an account on this blogging site, so I'm going to follow your blog so I can stop losing the link :'D

neetzy said...

Chay, yay!
Thanks for following! You can tag along with us anytime. I hope to post some of the Otakon photos soon.

jeannette stgermain said...

Wow, I missed all this! Belated congrats! It's a major milestone! have you decided what you'll do for your graduation? My family was up in arms when I wanted to skip the formal deal, so I told them that I only would do it, if they would give me a party afterwards!