Monday, January 26, 2009

What! No Picture?

No picture, no painting, no particular reason to post except that I noticed something missing. My profile picture disappeared! My Newgrange rock mysteriously dematerialized. I don't know when it occurred. I just noticed it missing today. Anyways, I decided to post a new profile picture. Since I received several kind comments about my dandelions I will use that as my profile picture for now. We need a bit of brightness to get through to March!

What? You wanted a photo of me? Hah. I'm photo"phobic" not photogenic. Never have been. Never will be. I could not find a photo of me on the computer so you are all safe (for now).

I also want to show my appreciation to Poetikat. She gave me flowers and considers me a great blog friend. Thanks Poetikat. You are the bestest. If you haven't checked out Poetikat, please do so. She has two of the best blogs ever! Checkout Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes for wonderful intriguing poetry @ Also if you are a member of Generation Jones,(like me) you might appreciate her"Blasts from the Past".


Poetikat said...

Holy Smokes, Neetzy! Aw shucks! (I've never said that in my life, but it seems appropriate).
Thank you so much. I try to get a bigger audience for Blasts From the Past, but it ain't easy for some reason. I'm just doing it for fun in the hopes that someone will get a laugh out of it, or remember some good (or not so good) times.

I wonder what happened to your Newgrange (hey, do you know the Clannad song Newgrange?) stones. Your dandelions will surely be a cheery addition to a dull winter day.

See you soon! (I would really like to see that photo you're hiding.)


neetzy said...

Poetikat, I love your Blasts From the Past. (Although I must admit that I never considered myself a Gen-Xer.) I do know the song. I like Clannad - especially their older traditional music. I don't know what happened to the picture. It was the stone with the triple spirals. Things have been disappearing on me lately. One day, every comment I posted on people's blogs disappeared? Someday I'll find a picture of myself to post. Maybe I'll get one in my old Catholic school uniform!

Shazza said...

Hey Sis - missed your blog! I missed EVERYONE's blog. Love the new paintings...keep it up!

dive said...

The rock was nice but I love the dandelions, Neetzy.

Hey, Shazza! How about posting a photo of Neetzty so we can see what she looks like? Hee hee.

Right. I'm off to check out Blasts From The Past.

Maria said...

Unfortunately, dandelions are the bane of my existence here on the prairie...

neetzy said...

Dive! How dare you ask Shazza to post my picture? She probably will dig something up. I've actually found a bunch of funny old photos from when we were kids.

Are you a lawn nazi? HaHa. Most people hate dandelions. I don't like them in my garden. I like them in the field.

P.S. to Shazza. Don't you dare listen to Dive.

Peggy said...

I couldn't agree more, Neetzy, about Poetikat! I love hanging out at her place. :-) Dandelions are a sure sign of summer, so I'll take them. Here in West Michigan, we have AT LEAST two full months of Winter left.

Shazza said...

Oh now, this is quite tempting! A photo of Neetzy.

Especially since I am armed with the family photo album!

Hmmmmmmmm, I'll have to do some digging.

neetzy said...


Just remember...Paybacks are a bitch!

Poetikat said...

Oh - Wow! Catholic School uniforms...we've got to talk. I've got a post on Invisible Keepsakes you should see (here:

Oh and there's a new post at Blasts From the Past.

I love Clannad - especially the Macalla cd.