Saturday, January 10, 2009

Iced Again

There is something amazing and magical about an ice storm. The ice magically encases every branch, leaf and wire, transferring the dull brownness of winter into a fantasy land.

These pictures were taken on Thursday (two days after Tuesday night's storm). D and I tried to catch the rays of the late afternoon sun illuminating the icy branches. The photos might give you some idea, but we couldn't quite capture the feeling of walking around and through the woods. (a future painting perhaps?) For those of you that are familiar with my paintings, you know that I am fascinated with the effects of light through branches, foliage and just about anything.

Unfortunately, the ice knocked down some power lines. These lines cross our property. Somewhere down yonder lines were down. We were without any power from 6:00 pm until after midnight on Tuesday. We made a fire, lit a bunch of candles and drank mint tea (thanks to our gas stove) and listened to classical music on a little battery operated radio. Dumb Neetzy had her laptop plugged into the wall without a surge protector. On Wednesday afternoon I tried to turn on my laptop...nothing. D finagled with it and it is now working. (That's why I keep him around. He is also tall and can reach things for me).

We did enjoy a two hour school delay on Wednesday. Wednesday night I started an abstract painting class at the Art Association. I will be working primarly with acrylics. I have been wanting to revisit acrylics for the last year or so. They are very versatile! Of course I will continue with oils, but I'm excited about my new adventure.
A snowstorm was predicted for today, but the path was diverted, leaving us a tiny dusting and more ice. I was to start a grad class today but it was cancelled due to the impending weather. The Alberta Clippers are always disappointing. I am ready for a good Nor'easter. I want to be snowed in for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Please do add me.

butterfly woman said...

Beautiful photos of nature and ice. I find they can make for some great abstract images. This is my first time to your site, but I love your creativity and your writing. I am a photographer, abstract painter using acrylics and watercolors and a writer. I enjoy taking photos and then painting from them. Keeps the creative cycle going. I plan to be a regular visitor to your site and hope you visit mine sometime (I have some ice photos to share with you).
Isn't it great to be creative? It makes winter much more bearable!I've almost gotten frostbite cuz I get so in that zone.

Shazza said...

I'm up for a good nor'easter too Neetz!

Great pics. It was an ice palace up in Stroudsburg as well. My new home away from home. Very pretty, but a bit treacherous at the same time.


neetzy said...

Thanks Buttercream,
I'll be sure to add you. I really enjoy your blog. Come back and visit anytime!

Butterfly woman,
Wow! Sounds like we have a lot in common! Some purists think you should only paint on location but there are those moments when the lighting conditions are so momentary that you can't possibly paint them! Digital cameras are a wonderful thing! Thanks so much for visiting. I will be sure to visit your site.

I just hope you're home with internet service when that Nor'easter hits!

Poetikat said...

Beautiful photos. Your description reminds me of the title of a book my dad used to have on Ireland. It was called "A Terrible Beauty".


neetzy said...


Thanks. I think I read that! My father is famous for recommending books that have anything to do with Ireland. (My maiden name is Murphy!)

Poetikat said...

I know! I've seen Shazza's Ireland movie. I should go and look at it again - it was last year some time.
My dad's from Belfast. He was a Davison and his mother was a Polland.
I spent my honeymoon night in Belfast. Can you believe it?


dive said...

That is utterly beautiful, Neetzy, but WAY too cold for me!

neetzy said...


What fun! I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

Welcome back from the underworld! Bloggerland has been too quiet without you!

Peggy said...

Ice seems to suspend everything. So lovely; I love the way it refracts light. Gorgeous shots. I must say, though, as great as photos of ice are, I prefer the white stuff. We had 65 inches of snow in the month of December alone here along the shores of Lake Michigan. Now THAT'S winter! LOL :-)

neetzy said...

I definitely prefer the white stuff! We are caught in a weather pattern where all the snow "misses" us. All we get is ice. I guess I have to move to Michigan.