Thursday, February 5, 2009

All "Starts" No Finish.

I'll be back soon. I just overloaded myself as usual. I'm taking that abstraction class (Wednesdays) and that graduate brain-based learning class (Saturdays). I have a ton of homework. My abstract paintings are just "starts" at this point. I am doing weird things like altered "grids", collage and acrylic "starts", ink with waxed paper "starts". All starts, no finishes.

The class is interesting. I'm totally "out of my element", out of my comfort zone. Okay, I really "suck" at this. I'm used to being one of the "better" students in the studio. I am taking this class at the local art association and I feel like a total newb.

Ah well. Tis good to "stretch" our boundaries they say. We grow through stretching, trying new things, taking creative risks. Maybe this will prevent Altzheimers?

In the meantime, Fiona and Freja say "hello".


Peggy said...

We'll be here when you get back!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Let us know what you learn. It should be interesting! The doggies are adorable.

dive said...

Hi, girls!
What a couple of cuties, Neetzy.
Enjoy your stretching.

Poetikat said...

Being out of ones comfort zone ain't easy, but it does "stretch" you, so I guess that's good. I admire you for sticking it out. I tend to "cut and run" in those instances.

Your dogs are gorgeous!


Barbara said...

You are brave to tackle the graduate curriculum that is beyond your current comfort zone of knowledge. It feels so good when you are done!! Let me know, though, how long that knowledge stays in the brain. Alzheimers be damned.

Maria said...

I'm impressed that you are sticking with it. Good for you.

neetzy said...


I have a break from grad class next week. Yay!

At this point I am learning to approach painting in a new way. I am not trying to paint "a subject". I am focusing on the paint. I am looking at adding elements to improve the design rather than try to make a convincing object. I am experimenting with acrylics, inks and mediums. (I miss my oils).

They are adorable aren't they?
Don't worry. If I ever visit you, I will leave them home.

I thought of "cutting and running" but what the heck? It gets me out of the house on a Wednesday night.

neetzy said...

Welcome back friend! I felt a little stagnated with what I was doing in painting. I've been admiring some works of abstract acrylic painters. The new paints and mediums offer a lot of possibility. I thought I'd give it a go. We haven't done much with texture yet. I might like to combine some of the new techniques with the old (eventually).

I'm too stubborn to "give up". I paid my money and want to get my money's worth. (one way or another).

Shazza said...

Hey Sis - take your time. Love the picture of the girls...they are absolutely beautiful!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Anita, Please post some photos of some of your work from the class later. Good for you, stepping out of your comfort zone.

neetzy said...

They were beautiful before they played around in the mud today.

Barbara Pask,
I'm just waiting to produce something worth photographing! it hasn't happened yet. We are working on large 30x22 watercolor paper. There are parts of them that look okay. I think I may make some of them "smaller" so they are more manageable.