Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post Number 50

I was hoping to share something monumental for my fiftieth post, but I don't have anything monumental to blog about. I do not have any new paintings. I have a bunch of works in progress, but nothing quite ready to share. So I am inviting you along on one of our
Sunday morning walks. I took the digital camera along one fine, fall Sunday. (It seems so long ago). This fence borders the horse farm on the other side of the "woods". The hill you see in the background is the top of "Skytop Trail". There are some rather large homes up on that hill that overlook the entire valley.
In our little patch of woods, you will see some wonderful shagbark hickory trees. These are among the hardest woods of the forest. Our natural local forest is classified as oak and hickory because these are the dominant and most valuable trees. We have a lot of black walnut, cherry and red maple as well.

A glimpse of the husband, waiting for me to catch up! He is 6'2". (I have these little hobbit legs you know). Fiona and Freja are probably chasing after deer.

The sun is peeking through the leaves. In late fall, yellows dominate. The hickories and aspens are in full glory. Our autumn is slow. The dogwoods start turning in September, followed by the maples and cherries in October. The oaks, hickories and aspens seem to take their time. Peak color is late October/early November. I'm snapping photos, trying to capture the fleeting color. Perhaps I'll find something I can use in a painting.
If I were a purist, I would paint only on location. I do every chance I get. I think I would be a purist if I had the time. I sometimes feel guilty for using photos as reference.
I like to use the photos as points of departure. I look at the picture. I copy some information, but I try more to incorporate that feeling of the woods. That certain quality of light is momentary. Cameras can capture that quickly. I hope I can convey that in my paintings.
Some folks ask me why I always paint trees. I am a little obsessed with them. They fascinate me. I feel a connection to them.
I played in the woods for hours and hours when I was little. Now, walking in the woods is therapeutic and calming. I'm glad you came along.


Her Eye Zone Art said...

Thank you for the lovely walk. It looks beautiful. I love trees too...especially the old knotted ones. Happy 50th post!

dive said...

With trees as beautiful as those, Neetsy, why paint anything else?

Congratulations on your fiftieth (post, that is)! Yay!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Neetzy, What a beautiful walk in the woods. Thanks for sharing. I tend to paint from photographs too. I think there are fewer distractions with the composing process. Happy 50th post!

Maria said...

I used to love walking through the woods when I was a girl in Iowa. And then one day, I somehow brought home a tick on my hairline and I freaked out totally and never went again. And how foolish that was....

neetzy said...

Her Eye Zone,
I'm glad you enjoyed the walk!

I love these trees. My other fiftieth is coming sooner than I want to think.

I'm glad you enjoyed the walk. I think we have to give credit to the cameras for the wonderful tools they are! I recently saw the works of an artist, Edward Redfield, I believe. He was one of the so-called Pennsylvania Impressionists. He painted beautiful landscapes of the snowy countryside on location. (I am too much of a wuss).

We just pluck the nasty ticks from our bodies. If I worried about ticks, I'd never leave my house. I take precautions...lots of bug spray, hats, long pants, etc.

Poetikat said...

Happy 50th! I'm glad you have such an affinity for trees, that way we get to enjoy your wonderful paintings! Really enjoyed the tour. It's nice to see your environment.


Jeannette St.G, said...

Well, maybe you have something monumental with your 60th post? but for now, congrats with your
50th! Hey, I love trees too, I have a tree stump in the making with pastel.

neetzy said...

Thanks for coming along. I missed my walk Sunday because it was nasty outside. The pictures make me long for warmer weather! Sorry the first one was blurry. I selected the wrong thumbnail!

I'll stop by to see your stump! I'll be "painting shed" as soon as those classes are over! I have a tree painting I started way back over Christmas break.

Katie said...

Thanks for the trip back to Fall and this delightful walk in the woods. Congrats on your 50th post too!

Peggy said...

On, Neetzy! Trees, the woods, have always been my Secret Garden, too! How lovely. I had to laugh at the picture of your 6'2" husband. Mine is also 6'2" and forever waiting for me as we walk! Can't wait to see more of your work. ;-)

Shazza said...

Hey Sis - That is one thing we definitely share is love for the woods and the trees. I remember we would come home with multiple ticks on us as kids!

We were hicks, but we were happy hicks!

Congrats on #50!!!

neetzy said...

Thanks for visiting. There are some benefits to living in the boonies!

I'm glad you can relate. I have to take three steps to his one! I have a marathon weekend with my grad class meeting all day Saturday and Sunday. The good news is that's the end of that class and I hope to have time to paint!

You can take the girls out of the woods, but you can't take the woods out of the girl! I don't like ticks, but I'm used to them!