Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year's End Whine, vintage 2011

Oh let's just call this year a fail. I failed. I was supposed to blog about tacky holiday decorations but I failed to carry my camera when the inspiration stuck. Sorry. I've been a very bad blogger. Here's to the end of a crappy year! 2011 was full of death and despair. There is nothing like going to three funerals of three young men within the last three months of the year. The first was my brother-in-law, the oldest at sixty, the second was a dear former student who died of suicide at 23, the third was a 14 year old current student who died in a tragic skateboarding accident. That was last week so I apologize for the foul mood.

November 29 had surgery to remove a wandering hemo clip that "wandered" from a prior surgery to a most uncomfortable place.

I struggled the first six months of the year to lose about 12 pounds. I believe I've found every single one of them once again. Sigh. Judging by the way my jeans fit, I believe they brought a few friends along.

Anyway I am looking forward to 2012! The excitement of a presidential election year. The Republicans are all vying for the religious vote. Mitt Romney is actually somewhat sane but the Religicans don't like him because he is a Mormon! The rest of them are totally and completely ridiculous. I am just afraid one of the lunatics might actually get elected. Then what?

Oh, some are saying the world is supposed to end? That might be a better option than Newt Gingrich.


Kat Mortensen said...

You have every right to whine with that kind of year. Now, let's put it behind you and party like it's 1999!
(Where did THAT come from?)

2012 just HAS to be better!

neetzy said...

thanks Kat! I just want 2011 to be over! Party like its 1999! Ok. As long as 2011 is put to rest

Kat Mortensen said...

See my blog where you can find closure to 2011 and look forward to the future in 2012!

"The Road Ahead"

dive said...

I was going to say "things can only get better" when you reminded me it's an election year over there in the Colonies. Oh, dear.
Ah, well, perhaps our best hope is to simply laugh like maniacs while the world gets flushed down the shitter.
Here's to a better 2012, my friend.

neetzy said...

Thanks Dive,

If I don't laugh like a maniac, I'll cry. At least the Republicans are such idiots they are making Obama look respectable.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi there, I came by to say Happy New Year and it sure sounds like you need a new happy start. I am so sorry to hear about you losing so many people in your life. Well here's to a happy healthy new year for all of us. Hugs

neetzy said...


Its so nice to hear from you! Thanks for visiting. I am feeling optimistic about painting!