Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crazy Busy

Sorry I've been crazy busy. I have a gallery opening tomorrow in York. A good thing. York is a small town, but its where I live and teach so perhaps people will show up. My last few shows have been in New Jersey at Shazza's which was awesome, Elizabethtown (terrible), and Lancaster. Lancaster has a great art scene but I felt like I didn't belong. I do not live in Lancaster and I do not paint the Amish. You either paint the Amish or you need some trendy shtick which I do not do.

Anyway. I am actually excited about the York show. It is an invitational exhibit. I was invited to show with three other women artists. I feel that my little town acknowledged me a bit.

Also I am teaching all new classes. I wrote curriculum for Fine Art Photography, Cultural Art I and II and I am developing these classes and spend an incredible amount of time planning for these. I am teaching all three this semester and forgot how much work new courses require. In addition to these I am teaching two special ed classes, one for the multiply-handicapped and one for the autistic classroom.

And of course my children keep me busy. I have a high school junior and a college sophomore. The youngest is involved in everything, the oldest is doing well but her roommates keep her life full of drama.

Well, with that said I hope to be touching base more often. Peace out.

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