Monday, November 28, 2011

Killer Show at Idiosyncrazies!

Did I tell you my sister Shazza's gallery Idiosyncrazies was named the best Gallery of Ocean County, New Jersey? Did I tell you that I had the honor of showing my paintings with her in a "sister show"? Did I tell you that she sold two, maybe three of my paintings? I am honored and amazed. In the first photo you will see our display, Shazza's photos and my paintings. A few of my paintings were inspired by her photos. I tried to paint some beachy themes because her gallery is at the beach! Well Shazza sold two of my woodsy themes. One being my signature "Sacred Grove" painting. I credit Shazza's incredible salesmanship along with the good people of New Jersey. I never felt quite as at home in the Lancaster Art "Scene". Perhaps the New Jersey people appreciate my mystical vortexes and trippiness a bit more.

Here we are at Shazza's store. Some of the relatives showed up! Pictured are cousin Cynthia, my father (aka semiconductor), Shazza, Self, Aunt Bette (aka Mrs. Doubtfire), and Jeannie. Aunt Bette is my mother's sister, Cynthia and Jeannie are her fraternal twin daughters. They are holding a print of my Dublin "Chimbleys". My framer and one of her employees requested to purchase prints of Chimbleys. That was inspired the view from my hotel room on our family trip to Ireland four years ago.


The Writing Goddess said...

Looks fabulous! Congratulations - the only thing better than a successful should would be sharing it with a similarly gifted sibling or partner. Woo-hoo!

Shazza said...

Hey Sis - your paintings sell themselves. I am just there to facilitate them! We'll have to do it again in a year or so - I enjoyed it!

Maria said...

Wow...and I knew you when...

L. D. Burgus said...

Congratulations on your sales. It makes you feel good to know others appreciate your work and want to take it home with them. It looks like it was a great show with both you and your sister's work.

dive said...

What a great post, Neetzy! Many congratulations to Shazza (and to you).
Great to see you all having such a fabulous time.

neetzy said...

Writing Goddess, Thank you so much! It was wonderful to share this experience with my sister.

Shazza, Next time we should go for more of your work including paintings, hint, hint.

Maria...haha. I still can't quit my day time job.

Thank you. I think I felt appreciated for the first time. There have been many shows in which I felt like an imposter.

Thanks you for all of your support of my art and Shazza's photography for years now. It was the best time ever!