Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and Pearl Harbor

My youngest spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii. Not just for fun and frivolity but her Marching band was invited to help commemorate the 70th anniversary of the lives lost at Pearl Harbor. The first picture is of her friend and tuba player, Joel paying his respects at the U.S.S. Arizona memorial. The band played two performances there and will march in the Waikiki Holiday Parade tonight.

A few of the girlfriends with their leis still intact, getting ready to perform. Delaney had a wonderful time. Besides performing she found time to kayak and bury friends in the sand. She missed Thanksgiving with the family although they "provided" the cafeteria grade turkey dinner with instant mashed potatoes, it wasn't up to par. Delaney sent us a text telling us she missed our Thanksgiving dinner. We stayed home. There were only the three of us. Oldest daughter was home from college and appreciated home time. So lets be thankful. Remember the brave men and women who fought for us and pray to stop these stinking wars.


Kat Mortensen said...

What an honour! (Not to mention an amazing school trip!)

I'm back on Blogger, Neetzy. Come for a visit!


neetzy said...

Thanks Kat!

As you can see, this is my first post in a while.

dive said...

Neetzy, given the choice between Hawai'i and your post-Thanksgiving black bean special I'm afraid the tropics would lose out every time.
I'm so glad the kids went there on such a noble mission. At least Delaney can come home to a nice meal.

neetzy said...


The first thing Delaney wanted was Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers! I shall make soup tomorrow!

dive said...

She's a woman with great taste.

neetzy said...

Thanks Dive,

I took some pictures of the stock making process for a future post, but now I must post about my sister's incredible gallery.