Friday, August 12, 2011

Mohawk Baby Carrot Jockeys

My first daughter turned nineteen today. When I asked her what type of cake she would like me to make, I was not expecting to do anything like this. First of all, my cake decorating talents are nonexistent. Just because I can paint a little does not translate into cake decorating ability and here's proof!

I must admit this doesn't look too bad from an aerial perspective.

From the side view you can see how crooked my little cake turned out! The bottom layer stuck to the pan a bit. I tried to cover it up with the cream cheese frosting, but...oh well!

Annelise is a huge fan of the Cake Wrecks blog. Anyway that was the inspiration for the Mohawk Baby Carrot Jockeys! First I was going to mount the little babies on baby carrots, but then thought the frosting would be more fun! Please note I do not have proper cake decorating tools. I do not own a pastry bag, I did not go out and buy squeezy tubes. I tried to improvise. First I attempted to make a little funnel, but after that failed I resorted to "shaping" the little carrots with a butter knife! I did buy the babies and I was able to squeeze a little icing gel on the heads in order to give them their little mohawks. I did not give the black babies mohawks because they looked like they already had them.

After I added the candles it gave my carrot jockeys the opportunity to pole dance!

Anyway the cake tasted much better than it looked! I grated fresh carrots, chopped pecans and substituted crushed pineapple for one cup of the vegetable oil. The result was an extremely rich and moist carrot cake. (Perhaps that's why the bottom layer stuck a bit. The frosting was also homemade, cream cheese, butter, vanilla and sugar. Yum!


dive said...

Nineteen? NINETEEN? How on earth did that happen? Happy Birthday, Annelise! Look out, girl; adulthood beckons. Enjoy every last teenage moment while you still can.

Neetzy, this has got to be the trippiest and strangest cake I've ever seen. Scary shiny Mohawk babies with massive orange erections? Boy, howdy! Timothy Leary would have loved it. So do I. Pure genius.

Janelle Goodwin said...

What a good mom you are to get into the fun of making this special cake. It's quite creative and hilarious at the same time! Happy Birthday to Annelise! Oh, and carrot cake is my absolute favorite!

neetzy said...

Dive, Annelise calls it a perverted vegetable rodeo! Heehee. This is not an original idea. It was stolen from Cake Wrecks. There is a link to that on my blog! The author of that blog now uses mohawk baby carrot jockeys as part of her logo!


Yes more on the hilarious side, but that's why I love my girls! We ripped the idea from someone else, but not for commercial gain so it is all good!

dive said...

Hahahahaha. A perverted vegetable rodeo is a brilliant description. I can see Annelise has inherited a touch of her mother's magic when it comes to artistically surreal imagery.
I've not checked out cake wrecks for ages. I shall head on over there now and have a giggle.

Kat Mortensen said...

Ah! The infamous Cake Wrecks cake! Ha ha!
Nnnn-nineteen? What does that make you?
What a great cake! What a great mom!


neetzy said...

Dive, she has indeed inherited my sick sense of humor (and then some).


Annelise is nineteen. I had her about three weeks before I turned 33. It means I'm still older and crankier than you!

Maria said...

I want a perverted vegetable rodeo so badly....

neetzy said...

I'd be happy to make you one Maria! It used to be that my daughter asked for unusual stuffed animals when she was little. A kangaroo at two, a wombat at three, a capybara at four, etc. It was always an adventure trying to find them. Now she asks for perverted cakes!

Speedway said...

Next time -- and there will be a next time, try using Ziploc bags for the icing. Cut a small corner off the bottom and squeeze. Just don't make the cut too big at first or you'll end up with icing turds. Unless that's the intention.

I remember one cake that shamed me to look at: a toilet cake w/black horseshoe shaped seat. Lemon custard inside w/a couple Tootsie Rolls thrown in for add'l flourish. TAH-DAH!

neetzy said...

That is hilarious! I didn't think of ziplock bags, but I tried to make a cone out of paper FAIL. Anyway, my daughter appreciated it!

I remember seeing a recipe for a kitty litter "cake" which included some sort of crumb topping and mini-tootsie rolls!

Speedway said...

Neetzy, I believe I have the recipe somewhere in my favorites. I think catshit cookies, too, unless that was the recipe I was thinking of.

Another cake I only saw a picture of. Unfortunately, lost the picture. Nobody unstood why I laughed 'til I cried. Pictures were of decorating contest winners, theme "holidays," One of the Easter cakes had a sugar egg poised in one corner of a sheet cake, a hole cut in its side with the resulting circle set to the left of the opening. Inside a some ganache, I guess meant to be Jesus's shroud. And then there was an angel sitting on top of the egg. I don't remember much else, but the writing must've been purple.

Maybe we should make some dust-covered cakes for Dive?

Ms M said...

Your cake is hilarious! I wonder if there is a website that features photos of weird, wacky, perverted cakes?

neetzy said...

Speedway, I am getting a mental picture of the Jesus egg cake. That is hilarious! A dust cake for Dive sounds like a wonderful idea!

Ms M, Just google Cakewrecks. It is a blog dedicated to weird and perverted cakes and mistakes created by "professionals". (Obviously I am not a professional at cake making).