Monday, August 8, 2011

Little Hip Hop

Here is a fun little painting that I created in response to the Degas Project back in April.

I actually created two paintings. The first I posted was of three little ballet dancers. This second painting was intended as a quickie fun painting. I was trying to capture the dancer's long blond hair that appeared as alive as she was! It was quite refreshing as most of the paintings exhibited were "oh so serious" and photo-realistically representational.

I photographed it with an intentional blur and then wondered if I could paint it!

Well I had some fun with the hip hop theme and tried to throw in a little sgraffito and grafitti action! The painting was photographed as in progress. I did touch up a few things, but I can't show you as the painting is SOLD!

I was inspired by Dive's wonderful boy band photos and think she'd be quite the match for his blond boy rocker! I couldn't find the photo with my other dancer images and just found that I loaded it on hubby's computer!


dive said...

What a fantastic whirl of swirling colour and flailing hair, Neetzy. I remember being captivated by the way you caught those dancers weightless in mid air. For such a great painter of landscapes you capture motion brilliantly.
And yay for selling paintings!

neetzy said...

Swirling and flailing is what I was after. This was no masterpiece. It was just meant to be fun.

I was absolutely taken by this little hip-hop dancer! I kept the price low so the kid or her mom could afford to buy it!

dive said...

Fun it definitely is, Neetzy. I'll bet the little hip-hop girl loves it.

neetzy said...

I hope so!