Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daughter A's Philly Digs

My daughter is moving into her fabulous Philadelphia flat this weekend! Just thought I'd share a few pictures. I want to live here!

The first image is the spacious L-shaped living room with twelve foot ceilings and wrap-around windows!

The second image is her second floor bedroom! This is a huge room and she will be sharing it with her friend.

The third photo is a view of the kitchen from beneath the open staircase! The appliances are three years old. The neighborhood is in a wonderful center city location. The girl looking out the window is facing an old cobblestone alley. There is a beautiful garden directly across the street. Most of the buildings are brick townhouses.

I am ready to move in. We have secured a two-year lease and if the girls decide to move home for the summer, you had better believe we will be Philadelphians again!


neetzy said...

Why does Blogger keep screwing around with the format of my posts? I have selected to post my photos in the center and it wraps the text to the right. I try to change it. It does not show up on the preview? Anyone? I can no longer post any more than three photos either.

dive said...

Wow! I want to live there, too, Neetzy. Hell, you could fit my entire house in that bedroom!

As for Blogger, it's developed that annoying wraparound feature just lately and it pisses me off, too. A pox on their incompetent programmers!

neetzy said...

Dive. Isn't the place amazing! Do you believe it is cheaper for the girls to split the rent on that awesome place than to pay for student housing?