Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Under the Weather

I've been "under the weather" both literally and figuratively for the last couple of weeks. Thinking about this phrase, I conducted a Google search. The Google search took me to sites such as Idioms.com, common idioms, etc. While I could find nothing absolutely conclusive, the most believable origin seems to be a sailing term. Two sources suggested that sailors would climb underneath the deck when the weather got stormy. This made sense. Another source suggested "ill, not well, unhealthy...", yet another suggested "hungover".

Well, whether it's weather or wine or whatever, I've been under it. The air has been absolutely frigid since early December. We've had snow, sleet, ice, rain and WIND. The upper respiratory symptoms started almost two weeks ago. I went to school against my better judgment, supervised the concession stand at the student council Dodgeball tournament on a Saturday and kept going and going....

Now the damned respiratory crap has gone to the chest. I have a lovely cough minus the deep sexy voice.

The sun came out for a bit on Sunday so I attempted to take a walk, to soak in a few rays. It was nice until the six remaining inches of crunchy snow soaked through my boots (sigh).

This winter just seems longer and colder and more miserable than it should be. If you don't hear from me for a while, check under the deck... or better yet the comforter.

I should be out and about in a few weeks.


Barbara Pask said...

I hope you are feeling better, it has been a long nasty winter. So far, "knock on wood" it hasn't caught up with me yet, the sickness part I mean. We all have this crappy weather, ahhhhh. Take care of yourself

neetzy said...

Thanks Barb,

I've actually broken down and decided to take a sick day tomorrow. I may just stay under the covers for a few more weeks!

dive said...

It really has been a crap winter, Neetzy, on this side of the pond as well as on yours.

Hibernation is as good an option as any, so go for it!
If Spring doesn't come soon, however, I'm thinking of sacrificing a virgin.

Get well and keep warm!

neetzy said...

Haha Dive. Good luck finding your virgin. I'll go dig up some interesting info on the area when the weather breaks a bit. (I heard next week we might get above freezing).

dive said...

I feel like a born-again virgin these days, Neetzy. Perhaps I'll just sacrifice myself. Anything to bring on the Spring!
Hope you're feeling better.

neetzy said...

Dive, You can always be a born-again virgin in my book, but you might get sacrificed. I heard a thaw was coming!