Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Hawaiian Waiter Goblin Snowman

Perhaps it was the ukele rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that I heard last night.

Jake Shimabukuro: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' On The Ukulele : NPR

Perhaps it was the first full snow day of the year.

Whatever the subliminal inspiration, here is our snowman.

I promised my daughter that I would build a snowman with her if schools were closed.

The snow was wet and heavy. Good packing snow.

We started trying to make a Totoro snowman, but we could not make the base wide enough. Totoro morphed into a nude pregnant woman. Daughter told me the boobs looked more like moobs (man-boobs).

We then tried to make it into a laughing buddha. The only thing that was working for our snow creation was the ginormous belly Undaunted we improvised. Delaney went looking for our neighbor's coal, but it was buried underneath snow and wood.

We dismantled our giant ornamental grass and experimented with "hair". We weren't quite sure what style we wanted.

Delaney began assembling a grass skirt and told me he needed a bigger nose and ears. (She is going to Hawaii with her school band next year).

"We need to find him a lei!" I exclaimed. Delaney could not find a lei, but found her old junior symphony bow tie. "That works!"

We could not find anything sufficient for eyes. I ran into the garage and found some ultramarine blue tempera paint.

We like the way the blue paint melted into the indentations.

He shall be Hawaiian Waiter Goblin/Troll.

Moral: When it snows, make odd looking snow creations. They will momentarily make you forget about the cold.


The Writing Goddess said...

I'm loving it! Crazy and very, very cool.

jeannette said...

Your daughters snowman makes me smile -especially his hair an d grass skirt:)

Janelle Goodwin said...

That must have been so much fun - building this snowman with your daughter. She's beautiful, by the way!

neetzy said...

Writing Goddess,

We had a blast! It is a good thing never to take yourself too seriously!


The grass skirt made it in my opinion! We are happy to make you smile :D!

What fun and a great way to spend a snow day! Thanks for complimenting my daughter. She is as bright as she is beautiful. She is also a very funny kid.

dive said...

Wow, what a fantastic snow person, Neetzy! I love the bow tie; very dapper!
Great fun!

neetzy said...

Dapper indeed Dive! Delaney's Junior Symphony tie!