Saturday, February 19, 2011


Nothing new to report. February thaw melted 99% of the snow. We were close to 70 degrees F yesterday. The cruel reality of wind returned to central Pennsylvania on time for the weekend with 50 mph gusts. I had to drive across the Susquehanna River and held on to my steering wheel for dear life.

My cousin Paul from California called last night to tell me he was driving through PA on a big rig. I arranged to see him for about ten minutes. The kids got to tour his tractor cab. I was not going to let him escape.

Freja (the intellectually challenged golden retriever) jumped into the partially frozen pond, fell through the ice. I was roused by a panicky daughter crying" Freja fell through the ice and cannot get out" I ran to the pond to find that our little 12 year old visitor "rescued" Freja by climbing onto the ice. She said that she felt the presence of God. I told her that I was glad she didn't meet him in person. How stupid to climb onto the breaking ice!

Freja, upon her rescue immediately rolled in groundhog poop. Renee praised the lord for her "unworldly strength". I am thankful that her father did not sue me and am now drinking my Saturday night wine.


dive said...

Nothing new to report? Sheesh, Neetzy, this post would make a pretty good novel.
Did you get any photos of Paul's big rig? We boys never grow up and I love that stuff.

Roll on Spring!

neetzy said...

Ha Dive! I think I have a boring life until I start to write things down!
Darn. No photos, but the big rig was pretty cool. We climbed up into it. He's got double bunks, a refrigerator and most of the comforts of home! He had his laptop set up on the seat next to him. What a great view of the road!

The Writing Goddess said...

You had a warm spell, and WE had snow in our local SoCal mountains, within half a mile of my sis's house. Where she was holding a garage sale. Dang it was cold!

I'm glad your visitor didn't get to meet God in person. A pleasure all the greater for being deferred, right?

Enjoy your painting day!

neetzy said...

Thanks Writing Goddess!

The cold and snow have returned! We had about six inches of snow on Monday night and this morning temps were sub-zero! I will not feel safe until May!