Sunday, December 26, 2010

Trojan Wedding Shower Commercial - Triphoria Gift - Hair Blown Back

I was gathered with my husband and daughters on Christmas day. We were celebrating Christmas in our pajamas, watching the original Star Wars trilogy on the Sci Fi Channel. Can you imagine? This was the first commercial to play! On the Sci Fi Channel!

I have never seen anything so ridiculous. I can imagine a Saturday Night Live skit. I don't know what to say! I could not post this yesterday.


The Writing Goddess said...

Wow. LMAO - but nothing they actually SAY in the commercial is any more explicit or personal than any other ad. I mean, we get to seee choreographed jingles about heartburn-upset stomach-diarrhea during the dinner hour, plus ads about curing feminine odor or erectile dysfunction any old time of day.

Ah, for the good old days, when they just advertised cigarettes and booze!

neetzy said...

Writing Goddess!

I know. I know! It is no worse than Viagra or Cialis ads, but the ridiculousness of it was too funny not to post!

(I cannot wait to get one for my niece's wedding shower).

dive said...

If you're interested, Neetzy, J-List sell a Hello Kitty 'massager' (yup, a pink vibie with Hello Kitty's face on it).
Yay, fun! I've always maintained a vibie is a girl's best friend. I remember posting about it years ago and got a massive flood of comments from the Blogville Laydees, including some of the funniest vibie stories ever.

neetzy said...


Heehee! I'll have to check that out! Does is blow your hair back?