Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Riddance 2010

I am just writing to bid good riddance to the year 2010.

I'm gazing back. The visuals that come to mind are pre-college arguments with financial aid offices. Hours upon hours looking at numbers only to get a letter stating that something is amiss with our payment schedule. I keep finding legal pads with my numbers.
I hate numbers.

I am not a left brain person. Numbers scare me. And yes, most of the errors were my fault.

Next visual...Stinkbugs. The damned things ruined my fall plein air painting.

I'd set up my easel, find something to paint, get everything prepared and then I was accosted by these nasty bugs. They would fly their shield shaped body armour into me. The damned things are still around. They swarmed the house in October and made their way into every little crack and crevice. The emerge when you least expect them.

I have a stink bug death chamber now. A cottage cheese container filled with vinegar and detergent. Every time I find one of the buggers I deposit it into the death vat. I love to watch them die!

Death. My husband's best friend succumbed to leukemia in October at the young age of 51. One of my students also died of leukemia at the age of 15. Both were diagnosed about a year before their deaths.

World news. Haiti's earthquake and cholera epidemic. I spent three months there in my youth. I was an idealistic young person. That country was terribly poor then. I cannot fathom what they are enduring now.

The Gulf Oil Disaster.

Politics. Fucking tea party. Stupid American people who are targeted by these groups. Why are there so many "stoopid" people here?

I'm having issues with my artistic mojo. I'm working things out, but overall 2010 has been a year of struggle.

Blog traffic is down. Probably my fault to some extent. I've not contributed much.

Blah is a good way to describe 2010. Haha. Back in 1982 when I lived in Haiti, the local people called us white people "Blahs". It was creole for white. It seems oddly appropriate for 2010!

May 2011 be a better year!


Shazza said...

Hey there Sis - here's hoping 2011 brings less stink bugs, and more creativity.
Perhaps you can create some kind of stink bug jewelry with the carcases? (sp)
It was great seeing you last night - let's eat til our stomachs bust and drink til we can't remember everything we ate and if we're lucky we'll throw the whole mess up in the toilet and flush it and start with a clean bowl!

neetzy said...


Last night was a blast! I am still full! I am now drinking the Spanish wine we bought! I'm tying one on for 2010. I WILL NOT MAKE ANYTHING WITH STINKBUGS! I REFUSE! But I know an artist who is! I will put you in touch with her if you want!
The only really good part of 2010 was Idiosyncrazies! You have an amazing business! Keep on keepin on!

The Writing Goddess said...

IMO, the entire decade pretty much sucked, starting with the "election" of George W, what happened on 9/11, the crash of 08-09, and last year was kind a bummer for most peops I know, too. Even for those who didn't have stinkbugs.

However, there *were* some bright spots in it all, and I am hopeful that the new year and decade will be better (because they HAVE to be.) Not sure I would go so far as to do stinkbug art, per se, but maybe you can trap that frustration and anger to paint something on the Dark Side. Trashcans burning up stinkbugs and yellow legal pads, perhaps.

neetzy said...

Writing Goddess,

I love the way you think! I realize I have to channel my negative thoughts into positive energy. I am going back to my painting roots and painting the forest. I am not doing plein air, but I have taken so many photos. I feel energized already!

dive said...

It sure was a stinker of a year, Neetzy. Let's hope this one makes amends for it.