Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soupies and Chickies Cafe!

Just for fun, please click on the title of this post and check out the link for my daughter's new favorite restaurant in Philly!

She describes it as a little place run by adorable hyper Asians. She told me that the names of the menu items are all cutesy. I had to check this out!

My favorite name is Yo Tony! If you haven't guessed, this is an Italian inspired dish with fresh mozzarella.

Oh, and I love the way they spell omelet.

I must brag that my daughter is adjusting well to the college/city lifestyle. She prefers Jean's because of their extremely low prices. Although she fell in love with Govinda's, a vegetarian restaurant that specializes in soy cheesesteaks, she chooses to spend most of her going out time at Jean's. She buys her clothes and supplies at i. Goldberg, which used to be our favorite military surplus store. Our frugality is rubbing off!

She will be coming home for the Christmas break on Thursday! I cannot wait. I miss her! I miss hearing about Maru's latest post. Oh Mom, did you check Cake Wrecks today? Did you hear what the nostalgia critic said about _________? I miss the constant, "Mom, you've gotta see this!" To which I respond..."okay, I'll be there in a minute." I miss hearing my two daughters giggling together in the computer room.

But I also hope that she will be anxious to return to school. This child is blossoming in her new environment. She told me she will probably be named vice-captain of the fencing club in the spring. She is growing!


dive said...

Hell, yeah! I want one of everything off that menu, Neetzy.
Yay, Annelise for growing up so cool. This family Christmas should be a whole bunch of fun.

neetzy said...

That cafe is meant for my daughter! She is having a blast in Philly. What can I say? I've got two amazing kids! So far she has passed all of her finals and critiques.