Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Tribute to My Gorgeous Parents

I accidently stumbled upon these photos of my amazingly gorgeous parents and their little pink first-born (me). I believe this was my first Easter and we are looking quite dashing. I am not sure why I have two hats! I do like the car.

Mom and Dad were about 24 years young at the time. The year being 1960.
Looks like Mom was a little better at keeping my dress down over my chubby knees.

There I am with my first Easter basket! I am guessing by the furniture that we are at Grandmother Harrison's house in East Orange, New Jersey. We all lived there during my first year.

I found notes that my mom wrote in my baby book.
"Anita Ann is a very fat baby."
Six months later "Anita Ann is still fat."
I think I was cursed. Perhaps it was all the goodies under the cellophane.
Happy Easter to everyone in advance!


Shazza said...

Awwww, look how cute you are! Nice pictures, I don't think I've ever seen any of these.

Betsy said...

Your mother is stunning in that photo! And you're a little pink rose bud! :)

neetzy said...


I found these in a plain white envelope! Mom and Dad were so gorgeous and chic! I don't know what happened to me!


Thanks for visiting! My mother was stunning until the day she passed away. I remember the hospice nurse commenting on her shapely legs! I think I was more of a little pink piglet!

Barbara said...

They are a great looking couple and you were a darling little "fat baby". Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Poetikat said...

Yes, blame it on the Easter Bunny!

You were an adorable baby - not fat! Your mother was a beautiful lady and your dad a handsome fellow too. No wonder you guys are all so good looking!


Glad to see you on Sepia Saturday, Neetz!

dive said...

Gorgeous and chic indeed, Neetzy. I love your mom's hat. Awesome!

And yay for your chubby little cheeks. Utterly adorable.
Skinny babies are scary.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Maybe you had two hats because they were gifts form two grandmothers and so it was important to get photos of both!
Evelyn in Montreal

Barry said...

You were an adorable baby. I think your mom's comments on the pictures are hilarious.

neetzy said...

I'm overwhelmed by all of your comments! Thanks to you all.

Dive, I do love my mom's hat! I wish I could find one like that. Even though it would look ridiculous on my fat face!

Barbara, I'm glad you appreciate the chubbiness!

Kat, I've been wanting to do this Sepia Saturday for a while. The colors in these photos were too beautiful to turn sepia!

Evelyn, I think you are exactly right! I was the first child to these beautiful people. I was named after both grandmothers!

Barry, I can look back on them and laugh now. Or better yet, I can blame my persistent weight issue on my mother's baby book comments. I think I'll do the latter!

Janelle Goodwin said...

These photos are so precious (and you look so adorable). I'm glad you decided to join Sepia Sunday. I might try it sometime too! But in the meantime, I love looking at everyone else's pictures.

Alan Burnett said...

Lovely post and a great illustration of the fact that full colour pictures can be "Sepia Saturday" pictures as well. Now you have started out on the Sepia Saturday project we look forward to many more posts.

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neetzy said...


Thanks. I've been wanting to do this for a while. Just finally found time between all the college applications and shows and such!


Thank you. The color processing used in this series of photos was astounding! The color is still beautiful and the prints are fifty years old!

Katie said...

Awesome photos Neetzy. Such fun to see color photos from this era. Love the clothes and furniture and car. And of course you're just too cute!

jeannette said...

Wow they are such adorable pics -your parents and you! Bytheway I love your mother's hat!

neetzy said...


I think Mom was more adorable in that hat! I do love the color in these!


I think I'm going to search the attic for that hat when I visit my Dad this weekend! I'm sure it is long gone.

Tom said...

Hey, Am I too late to comment? Thanks for the great pics and tribute. It really moved me. And I always associate "fat" babies with healthy babies.

meg*star said...

Those are great pictures! Babies are supposed to be chubby- it makes them cuter. That way adults will put up with them.


Winifred said...

They do look lovely. Your Mum's hat is lovely. A gorgeous Easter bonnet!

neetzy said...


Mom was a beaut and Dad was very handsome. Yay for chubby babies!


I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. A chubby baby is a healthy, happy and loved baby!


I do so love this hat!