Monday, March 15, 2010

Decisions! Decisions!

My first baby is about to graduate high school. That in itself is hard to believe.
This year we have been visiting colleges, filling out applications, writing essays, submitting portfolios, etc. etc. etc.

Annelise wants to major in animation. That pretty much eliminated the possibility of state schools. We did visit two.

We then began visiting Art Schools. Our first was the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster. I liked it because there were only 300 students and it was close, in Lancaster. Annelise liked it. Second visit was to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. They had a wonderful animation program, but the rest of the school was limited. The basic science, math and language classes, but no fine arts.

Because I had the swine flu, Doug took her to University of the Arts in Philadelphia. UArts is located in the cultural district next to the Kimmel Center and the Academy of Music. Annelise loved it! They also have music, theatre and communication art programs. She met with an animation student who showed her some of the "stuff" he was working on. We also went to a Portfolio Day at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Annelise didn't think much of it as they seemed highly critical of her portfolio. A week later they sent her a letter telling stating that her portfolio showed a lot of potential.

I told her she should apply. I did hear that MICA was an excellent school.

We went for her portfolio review at UArts and got an acceptance letter AND a big scholarship within a week. Annelise was happy. I was happy. We also got an acceptance letter from PCAD two days after her interview and portfolio review. (back-up plan)

I still helped her put her five pages of application, four pages of application for scholarship, on-line portfolio, three essays, three letters of recommendation, lists of extra curriculars, SAT tests, transcripts, etc. together by the MICA February 12th due date. They sent us a card that they received it. They sent us a big envelope but it was not an acceptance letter. It was five new four-page scholarship applications. Each scholarship needs a separate application. We had a week to get them filled out and turned in to them. We also received a separate letter stating that we missed the financial aid deadline. I turned in the FAFSA, which is standard at every other institution, but that is not enough for MICA. I cannot get that in until our tax returns get back from the accountant.

Anyway, MICA stated that acceptance letters would go out on the 12th (Friday). The deadline for getting the scholarship forms to MICA was today (the 15th). We hadn't gotten our acceptance letter yet. Neither Annelise nor I felt like filling out all the forms and finding all the supporting documents without knowing if she was accepted. We were very tired of the process and suspicious of an institution that seems so in love with paperwork.

Of course we got the acceptance letter today AFTER the post office closed.

So we basically blew our chances there as we cannot afford MICA without a scholarship.
Annelise made her decision. She wants to go to UArts in Philly. Why is it that I will always feel guilty about having missed the MICA opportunity? But then again, it would take another month before we hear about MICA scholarships. Those letters will not go out until April 15th.

Furthermore, Annelise and I cannot stand to prolong this process. We are ready to move on. But why do I always worry about the road not taken?


dive said...

Yay, Annelise!
Neetzy: first impressions are a pretty good guide and as she loved UArts I think it'll be perfect for her.
Sheesh, if we always worried about the road not taken we would never dare take a single step. You would never get as far as putting brush to canvas.

For a non-breeder like me it is easy to say "launch your little baby out into the world and let her fly," so I'll take advantage of never having to experience the heartbreak of kids growing up and heading off for college and just go ahead and say it.

neetzy said...

Thanks Dive!

This is my first time parenting so I admit I have no idea what I am doing.

I am most amazed by my daughter. Sometimes I do not give her enough credit. Apparently she has impressed a few of these colleges!

dive said...

So now you should set aside some time to grin smugly and think how well that reflects on you.

Maria said...

My next door neighbor, Sven, went through something of the same thing with colleges three years ago, except it was for football. He had recruiters visiting from all over. He was drawn to a smaller school close to home where he would shine as a big fish in a small pond, but took the larger school in the hope that it would motivate him to keep improving. It has proven a poor fit but he has to stay now or lose his eligibility. So...he least until he starts law school in two years. wish he had followed his heart. Sounds like that is exactly what your daughter is doing. Good luck to her!

neetzy said...

Dive, Thanks. I don't want to appear cocky, but despite all of our parenting mistakes our kids are amazing.


Thanks! Annelise loved this school! It is in the cultural district of Philadelphia. It is such a stimulating environment. I will just have to go with what she wants. (People just keep telling me that MICA is such a great school. So hard to get into, etc.) Today I got a letter that she is a scholarship finalist, but we didn't apply for the scholarship? Hmmmm.

Shazza said...

You know what Sis? I know Philly and I know Annelise and I think they are a good match. It will take the country gal into the city, but it's a mild city and has a lot to offer. You will hopefully see her blossom and grow in the city of Brotherly Love. She's a smart gal and I know she will be awesome there. Congrats Annelise!

neetzy said...


Thanks. I also know Philly. I lived two blocks from the school and it is a great area. Much less intimidating than New York. (Hey I lived in New York and survived). Baltimore (MICA) is even smaller, but not quite as metropolitan. Annelise wants to go for the bright lights. I have to let her!

jeannette said...

Those are typical wonderings of motherhood, Neetzy -Let your daughter go, and if she doesn't like it, or things do not work out, she can apply to another school, after 1 or 2 years and transfer credits - she'll get through it, and you will too:)