Friday, September 25, 2009

So much to paint, so little time...

I have been insanely busy schlepping the kids around, attending football games, visiting colleges, teaching, etc. Sorry if I haven't been visiting your blogs much. I did manage to paint once this week but have nothing to show for it. My latest paintings have been crap.

It seems that I must spend my Friday nights at football games and my Saturdays at college open houses. Sundays are for grocery shopping and other household chores.

I'm not complaining, but a bit exhausted. I am accumulating post material.

I graduated somewhere in there. Pictures to follow when I have time. Haven't been to the gym. I have been walking with the dogs for exercise.

Things should calm down in the next couple of weeks. I hope.


dive said...

Ah, that magical combination of teaching and parenthood; the practical application of Chaos Theory.
I do hope you get some downtime soon, Neetzy.

neetzy said...

I hope. I don't remember feeling this busy last year. I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I'll be around. Ciao!

Katie said...

Hang in there Neetzy! Sounds like there's at least some fun in your schedule though. I miss Friday night football games! Those were a BIG deal at my high school in Kentucky. I hope things settled down soon so you can paint, and do other things you want to do.

neetzy said...


Thanks. High school football would be more fun if our home team was a little better. We do have an amazing band! More people go to hear the band than watch the game.