Monday, September 7, 2009

Conewago Spring - New Painting

I decided to stop whining and start photographing my paintings. I apologize, but I have crappy editing software on my laptop. This is a square format 20x20 oil painting. I laid it on the ground. Couldn't quite get it right without distortion.

Here is the latest of what I call my maniacal obliteration paintings. I paint, then I scrapewith wood scraps, clay tools, etc., then I palette knife, then I scrape. I need to work on it on at least three sittings, but I have to allow 3-4 days in between for the layers to dry. I have been listening to Modest Mouse and Vampire Weekend. They are a bit subversive. The subject matter is traditional, but the treatment is maniacal. I'm having fun. If you like it, leave a comment. If you don't, leave a comment. After I photographed it I saw a few inconsistencies that I might address.

This is an edited post. I managed to crop the photo better. The first photo annoyed me to no end.

I have been obliterating some other older paintings that I thought looked too picky. I'm just having fun. Stay tuned.


Katie said...

What a cool painting! I really like all the different shades of green. And I like the idea of you listening to subversive music while painting a traditional scene in a maniacal manner. More please!

Anonymous said...

Anita, I just watched a video clip about an artist whom I know on the showed his palette which is strikingly similar to the colors in this painting. I think you might be interested to see more of his work if you don't already know him, Allen Whiting. I think this link will take you to the video and you can see more of his work at the North Water Gallery, MV,

Shazza said...

Very pretty Anita...obliterate some more!

neetzy said...

Thanks Katie,

The greens gave me fits. I kept slathering on different blends to see what would happen. I'd paint, then then the thick layers dry for a few days, then paint a while. I think it took me at least three visits to the studio because I wanted the underlayers to show through.

Thanks. I'll check him out. I always learn so much from other people's work. Yours included.

Obliteration is fun. I have been obliterating older paintings that I wasn't quite happy with as well. Stay tuned.

Janelle Goodwin said...

My daughter just showed me a You-Tube of Modest Mouse and Vampire Weekend. I can just picture you happily painting and scraping away to this music. But it's such an idyllic, peaceful scene! I would have thought you would be listening to Enya!

Beautiful painting, Neetzy!

dive said...

Love it, love it, LOVE it, Neetzy!

Those fresh spring greens and dazzling blues just leap out at me. The composition is amazing, especially the slightly skewed perspective and your textures are just breathtaking.

Keep on having fun!

neetzy said...


My favorite painting professor always encouraged us to "attack" the painting. Sounds horrible doesn't it? I think that's been my approach lately. Only because I'd get to a point where I would start to tickle. This isn't watercolor baby. Less worry about overdoing it. If I did, oh well. The process was fun.

I'm having fun. The skewed perspective is probably due to the skewed photo. Those spring greens were a challenge to mix! This one was all about texture. Trying to capture water without worrying about smoothness. Hoping that would come through somehow.

Quackster said...

First time here but I would like to comment that your painting is fantastic. I'm guessing the scrapping gives the magic to this in my narrow-minded unartistic analysis. Good stuff.

neetzy said...


Thanks for stopping by! I scraped the heck out of it, then piled on some more paint. Just to see what would happen. I'm glad you like it.

Dar Presto said...

Hi! This piece is glorious. Really lovely composition, rich color, and nice depth.

neetzy said...

Thanks Dar! This one didn't make it into the juried show, but another piece did. At least I got one in.