Sunday, May 31, 2009

Close to the Edge/Close to the End

Dear Friends, It is the end of the school year. We finish June 5th. I am a bit inundated with end of the year paperwork. I have been wanting to post art but that involves photographing and editing. I paint and photograph at home and crop the photos at school. (I have better editing software) but it takes some time. I think I've been ruining more canvasses than making good art lately.
The end is near! With that end in mind, I sought reference to the end. This place, Dun Aengus, Inishmore, in the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland is about the closest I've come to the "end of the earth". I believe the people who built the fort there must've thought the same. There is my beloved second daughter, not looking the least bit Irish. These photos were taken in 2007.

This is the view from the cliff looking straight down. Daughter D figured it would take nine seconds to plunge to your death if you jump, seven seconds if you were pushed.

There are no guard rails here. Reminds me of the Houses of the Holy album cover. How many of you remember that circa 1974-75ish?

Daughter D and her Dad looking over the edge. Did I forget to mention there is no guard rail? I am way back using the zoom lens. I am a klutz with a fear of heights.
The school year ends Friday. Instead of posting art I am posting grades. I have a few ruined canvases in the works. (They start out great and then I kill them). Hopefully I will get to paint a bit more after the school year ends.


dive said...

Wow! Is that your daughter's natural hair colour, Neetzy? How beautiful she is!

As for Houses of the Holy, I'm glad to see you're more sensibly attired than I remember on the album cover.

Lovely, evocative photos.

neetzy said...

Thanks old blogging friend. I do miss you. Daughter D is a gorgeous ginger with blue eyes.

I'm glad daughter wasn't showing her nekkid arse, but the rock climbing reminded me of the album cover. I miss good album cover art.

Shazza said...

Great photos sis! That was an awsome trip. Daughter D is gorgeous and Daugher A has a twisted and hilarious sense of humor. As for your husband - he has no butt!

neetzy said...


Husband has a nice butt! He does not have the semiconductor disease! This is just a case of "hump flattening" due to his prone position!

jeannette stgermain said...

Neetzy, about the ruined canvases - maybe you're just stressed! Just do not throw them away till you have had 3 weeks of R&R, LOL!
I taught in the past and I remember how close I was to exploding at the end of a school year.

Poetikat said...

This reminds me of myself and my dad at the Cliffs of Moher (what is it with the Irish and unprotected drops)?
I too remember the Houses of the Holy album cover. We are so old!


Oh, and your daughter looks terrifically Irish to me.

neetzy said...


You are right. I never actually "throw away" canvases. It just seems that lately my paintings start okay and end badly overworked. Resting is a good idea.
Come to think of it, I rarely allow myself to rest.

We went to the Cliffs of Moher, but they fenced off the cliffs. There were absolutely no fences at this place!

Poetikat said...

Neetzy - I'm doing it to you again. I have a very fun little award and I want you to share a bit of yourself. (When you have the time.)


Winifred said...

I'm with you on the guard rail thing, I hate heights.

Poetikat said...

Neetzy, your most recent post isn't loading for me (I've tried for 2 days). Don't know what's up with Blogger.


neetzy said...


That fear of heights is increasing in intensity the older I get.


Try now. I was having technical difficulties. I think I fixed the problem. (I've been in full day classes and was sick to boot).