Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too busy to breathe

I have been so ridiculously busy that I have not had time to post anything. I had "back to school" night from 7:30 -9:30 on Monday night. I started a graduate "online" class Tuesday. I had to go to my kids' Back to School nights on Wednesday and Thursday while checking in on my online course every night. I am working on a commissioned portrait painting in my "free time" . My youngest daughter auditioned for and was accepted into the York Junior Symphony Orchestra. She is one of four flutists in the county. (Thank you Shazza for appreciating her efforts). My oldest daughter qualified for National Honor Society based on her grade point average but she is not involved in extra curricular activities. She joined up with my school's art club to monitor the moonwalk bounce at a Septemberfest . My awesome art club was the only group well represented and the community thinks my art kids are the nicest in the world, despite their piercings, blue hair, etc. I have art to post, but my photos are not as good as they should be. I will post them when I have time.

Question: Have any of you taken an online college course? I thought it would be convenient, but I think it is more work than going to a class. I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions..


dive said...

Yay for your kids, Neetzy!
And yay for you, too. Never a moment's rest.

I thought about online college courses but the people I know who have done them say the amount of work you get given is way more than the amount of motivation you have to do it all.
I now go back to college once a week for my Japanese class. It's more intensive than online learning and so takes up less time, plus it's a great social thing and as a bonus, the canteen food is subsidised and dirt cheap.

neetzy said...

Thanks for the Yay! My kids really are amazing.

I've been avoiding the online courses for the same reasons. I enjoy being part of a class. I have only three more to take, but I think I will "go" to a class next time. I have two or three stupid little assignments to post every night.

Barbara said...

HI, its your sometimes visitor.
I just finished taking a Dreamweaver on line course from Ed 2Go. Even though its paid by my school, I'm not anxious to do the second part.I found that the technical questions I had were immediate and I received an answer in a couple of days, so it was frustrating. And some of the answers were thoughtless, as if the teacher really didn't read what I was saying.So then I was still not able to grasp the concept. I found the student discussions interesting. I agree with you that it was 't that great.