Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday Rant - Sarah Palin, RNC

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. Thank you Blogger for updating my age on my personal profile today. You could have sent me a card. Thank you Dad for sending me two birthday cards. Thank you Dr. Dentist for sending me two cleaning appointment cards. Thank you hubby for a delicious dinner at the Moonlight Cafe.

According to the semi-conductor, I am one year from geezerhood. I am already receiving solicitations from the AARP. This is the last year of my forties. Ah, youth.

I watched part of the Republican National Convention last night. Why? I have no idea. I could not stay up long enough to watch Sarah Barracuda Palin. I watched a convention center full of idiots in cowboy hats in Minnesota. Minnesota? We're not in Texas anymore. Last I checked, Minnesota was on the northern border of the USA, Texas was on the southern border. Cowboy hats?

Did you ever hear the joke? What is the similarity between a cowboy hat and a hemmorhoid?

Sooner or later, every asshole gets one. Ta-dum.

They were carrying signs that read "Prosperity" . Prosperity? More Americans are losing jobs, are without healthcare, are losing their houses than ever before. Prosperity? What the F.

Oh yeah, prosperity...John McCain knows prosperity.

There appeared to be several "token" black dignitaries and supporters speaking. One riled up the audience to a chant: "Drill, Drill, Drill. We need to drill Alaska. We need to drill the Oceans. We need OYHL, OYHL, OYHL." If you add phonetic spelling, you can get all the illiterates to pro-nounce it. We need everyone to drill every inch of the earth so that we can fill our SUVs. We need the votes of the stupid, the illiterates, the marginally educated.

Sarah Barracuda Palin. The "family values" vice presidential candidate. Her husband works for BP. (and owns a commercial fishing business). Alaska is an "OHYL" state. She does not want the polar bear on the endangered species list because it would prevent oil exploration.

What are family values anyway? As far as I can tell, the "American conservatives" have only two things in mind when they tout "family values". Those two things are anti-abortion and anti-gay. Oh,yeah and anti-public education. McCain HATES public education. That's great. I hope you have extra money to afford that private education for your family. Save up those gas pennies!


dive said...

Sigh …
And Americans act surprised that the world hates them.
If they get in again, you're more than welcome over here, Neetzy.

dive said...

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Tom said...

Happy Birthday, Neetzy (belated, of course) I think the fumes from my SUV are getting to my brain.

Her Eye Zone Art said...

Happy Belated Birthday Neetzy!!! I hope it was a happy one.

I'll never understand why people repeatedly buy into the bull. It always turns into a personality contest. Voting against their issues and interests for a "value" candidate. Some values!

neetzy said...

Thanks everyone for the b-day greetings. Thank you also for enduring my rant.

Dive, There are a lot of idiot Americans I agree. Please don't lump all of us in with these assholes.
Tom, Thanks.
Her eye zone..."values" was a powerful soundbyte buzzword exploited by Carl Rove and company. Of course "everyone" will say they believe in "family" values.

Shan said...

Happy late forties Neetzy!! I'm doing the last year of my thirties now so we'll both be in for a number jump next year! It goes so fast. :D

neetzy said...


Thank you. I'm not exactly looking forward to that new number. The 4-0 wasn't bad at all.