Saturday, September 27, 2008

Emergence of A

Since I haven't gotten to post any new finished paintings, here is one of my favorites. This is a painting of my daughter (she was about 13). This was an actual class assignment. I had to divide up a large canvas into 16 sections. I underpainted each section with a different color. I then started the composition over the 16 multi-colored sections. I was supposed to use a different technique or approach in each of the sections, which I actually did, but it is hardly apparent in the final painting. This is quite large 30x40 or (something of the sort). Shazza, I know you've seen it. I have been struggling with the title. It was originally Entangled Adolescent, but I've been thinking that she really wasn't entangled, she was just emerging from the winter branches. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will never sell this piece, but I will probably give it to daughter A some time in the future.


Golshan said...

hello.i enjoy your painting.
this adress is my
thank you

neetzy said...


Thank you for commenting and visiting. I visited you blog and will also visit your website. I'm sorry this picture was so small. You can click on it for detail, but the detail seems distorted.

Tom said...

What about "Adolescent Emerging" or "An Unnamed Person Who Will Surely Be Victimized By An As Yet Unknown Future Republican Administration"? I guess that last one is too wordy - scratch that.

Shazza said...

Hey Neetz,

I love this piece, the picture does not do it justice.

My suggestions:

Winter Blossom (kind of corny)
Revealing "A"

dive said...

Wow, Neetzy! That is astonishing. It has to be my favourite so far.
"A" is a lucky girl to be promised such a gift.
I got lost for ages looking at the light shining through the trees and that beautiful foreshortened branch.
The contrast between the warm and cool colours is amazing, too.
You so rule!

neetzy said...

Thanks Tom,
A bit too wordy, but fun!
For some reason, I could not change the size. My larger pieces that I have hanging up are all giving me difficulty! I will have to play with the resolution or something.

I'm glad you could see it. This is really a crappy picture of it. I was determined to post something (because I've been so lax lately). Hopefully I will be able to post a better photo at a later date.

Barbara Pask said...

Love this painting, how interesting and mysterious.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this piece on your living room wall and falling in love. The range in color is absolutely stunning. @___@ I really love your style. ^3^


neetzy said...

K'm so glad you like it. It is probably one of my favorites. I have gotten a lot of interesting reactions. The piece is about 42x36 The photo does it no justice,

You've actually seen this so you can appreciate the actual size. BTW I love your project! It is adorable. Also, I visited your site and besides the cute Japanese guys,(lol) there are the adorable bento box lunches. We saw tons of these in Japantown (San Francisco) at Ichiban Kan(?) They were cheap! D wants one now!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!! I love coming over and looking at it. I swear I notice something new each time I'm there. :'D

As I told Annelise, my project is ugly and crude. DX I promise you my art hasn't looked that bad since the 8th grade. D:! But, I'm glad you liked it at least. That helps alleviate some of my pain for Friday.

REALLY?! I hunted all over Otakon for a really cute one and managed to find a Kerori bento box (my favorite San-X character!) 8D
Tell D we'll have to get her one next year. They're so fun to pack a lunch in. It always feels like my food's extra happy (yes) when I use my bento box. ^3^ I really would like to visit this Ichiban Kan. I've heard they have a lot of really awesome things. :3

I'll see you tomorrow! ;D

neetzy said...


Ichiban Kan is like the equivalent of a Japanese dollar store. D & A spent hours in there.

Anonymous said...


(sorry I came so late to pick up my project tonight DX)

Barbara said...

Ahh.. I could tell that this one is personal to you. So lovely and lively at the same time. Adolescence portrayed in a painting.