Monday, July 22, 2013

Where's the Hookah?

I think this guy should have a hookah up there on my tomato plant.  He certainly has the munchies. This is the dude who has been eating my zucchini flowers, my sunflowers and my tomato flowers.  I also removed found three of his buddies. The first I captured for observation.  He did not survive.   Two were covered with eggs.  I mistakenly thought they were Tomato Hornworm eggs and destroyed them.  Later I found out they were the eggs of a beneficial parasitic wasp that would have protected my garden.    Of course caterpillars would not be the ones laying eggs.  What was I thinking?


Kat Mortensen said...

Right! They wouldn't, would they?

I know I said these were gross, but it all goes back to a childhood incident where my dad found one on our hedge and put it on the driveway and ran over it. That was gross.

My dad was a real dichotomy - an animal lover, yes, but certainly no Buddhist!

P.S. I notice you have a "Poetikat's Blogs" listing in your sidebar, but that link is not active. Would love for you to link to 52 Pick-up though.


neetzy said...

Thanks! I have much catching up to do on my blogging Kat!