Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's New in 2013

Nothing much to post about.  Last postable painting was the Yellow Crowned Night Heron. I gave it to my daughter's flute teacher.  I did post it on Facebook in it's not quite finished form.  If any one is interested, I will post it here.

I have been taking a painting class at the local Art Association.  I felt I needed to be in a class to get out of my "slump".  So I am taking this Old Masters painting class and it is a love/hate thing.  It is much tighter than I usually paint and I must say that I suck.

Nancy, was a watercolor teacher of mine some 15-18 years ago.  She is very good at this but it is not my thing.  Still I find the challenge enticing.   I've learned some nifty things and I might do a little more of this.
If nothing else, it will help me to teach my students.

On another note, I am going to start a new blog for my Photo 2 students.  I will post some photos for them to look at and critique.  (I might be visiting some blogs for these).  I will also be requiring them to create their own photo blogs to post and critique each other.   So please visit them if you think about it.  More details to follow.


Janelle Goodwin said...

I would love to see your painting! As far as artistic slumps go, I've had quite a few over the years. Last year when my daughter got married, I didn't paint much since I was always busy with that. It's not easy getting back into it! I think I need to go to the Art Institute of Chicago to get some inspiration. Let us know how your class goes!

neetzy said...

Thanks Janelle,

It's good to hear some encouraging words. I am also "between" computers and have to find that pic! Organization is another one of my faults at times.

dive said...

Love to see the heron, Neetzy. I posted my own night heron a week or so ago, so it's only fair that you reciprocate. Hee hee.

neetzy said...

Okay Dive, Just for you! I did post it on Facebook. I am between computers again so I'll either have to get on the old one and post or find some editing software on this new one that is acceptable!