Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blank Canvas

My daughter gave me two blank canvasses for Christmas.  I think that is the best gift ever for an artist.  They are pre-stretched, pre-primed Dick Blick 16x20s.  I like to stock up on these, then I never have an excuse not to paint.

Think about it.  Blank canvasses, an empty journal, a 32G SD card.  The empty tools that need to be filled.  A gift of possibilities.

Someday when I am retired perhaps I will have time to stretch and prime.  I will have time and money to buy good linen canvas, but that time is not the now time. Now I need to have convenience so that when I have the urge to paint, I can.

It is a new year, a blank canvas, an empty journal, an SD card with a lot of space.  What will I do with it?  What will you do?

Have a great year filling your emptiness with possibilities.

Thank you Annelise.