Monday, July 2, 2012

What's Wrong with these Kids Today?

On a recent visit from my California dwelling brother, he commented..."What's wrong with kids today?  They don't do drugs, they don't drink and they are serious about their education?"

It is so true.  Compared to our generation, most teenagers I know abstain from the mindwrecking substances with which we liked to flirt. (I'm not admitting to anything here).

My youngest is looking at colleges.  We purchased the Princeton's Reviews Guide to the 376 Best Colleges complete with stats on academic ratings, green ratings, food service ratings and student comments on the typical "Vaseline" University student.   Schools are rated using some criteria that are not found in other guides.   Some of the top twenty lists are things such as GREAT SCHOOLS FOR ENGINEERING MAJORS.  Other categories include Dorms Like Dungeons, Dorms Like Palaces, Most Liberal, Most Politically Active, Lots of Beer, Reefer Madness, Don't Inhale,  Party Schools, Jock Schools, LGBT Friendly, Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians.  

Not to brag two much, but my youngest daughter is an excellent student, ranked second in her class.  I told her she can apply to some "Name Brand" schools and we will send her if she can get some major merit scholarships.

The first criteria was GREAT SCHOOLS FOR BIOLOGY STUDENTS.  She wants to major in bio, perhaps pre-med.

The first thing she crossed off her list were any colleges mentioning beer drinking, hard liquor, party schools, etc. in the description.  The second cross-off category are Greek life or Athletics dominates social scene, lots of Abercrombie and Fitch, and female students wear Ugg Boots and pearls.  (I can't imagine).

She seems to be gravitating toward schools with the Birkenstock-Wearing, LGBT Friendly, Culturally  Diverse students, Liberal, Students are not very religious  type descriptions.  Green Ratings are important and so are dorms like palaces(?)

If they had a book like this in my day I would probably have checked off Lots of beer, Reefer Madness, Party Schools.... 

Not that I'm admitting to anything.  As my brother commented, "What is wrong with kids these days?"  As a mother, I say absolutely nothing.  I'm not sure about the dorms like palaces thing, but most of the ones we've seen were more like hospital rooms (space wise) minus the equipment and private bath.

This same child is currently enjoying her Youth Music Abroad Tour; a whirlwind tour of Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France.  Needless to say.  I am very proud of her.  I also recommend this particularcollege guide to anyone.


dive said...

We were talking about this at work the other week and came to the conclusion that "the young are the new old."
Our generation were brought up by strict parents and harsh discipline in our schools so we rebelled and became cool and fun people who didn't give a shit. In turn our own kids are rebelling and are turning into studious, responsible young adults.
What a horror story!

neetzy said...

It is! All of our friends have kids like this. I'm afraid my grandchildren will be horrible.

dive said...

Ah, there's still hope that your grandchildren will rebel once more and become hippies. Yay!