Saturday, July 28, 2012

So Proud of my Frugal Child

I am so proud of my frugal child.  She will be a high school senior next year and may actually entertain the idea of going to the "prom".  My eldest did not attend any of these "formal" dances...prom or homecoming.  My youngest has resisted so far.  However, this upcoming year will be her senior year and she is hoping to make the most of it.   She already decided to use her "Distinguished Young Women" dress for homecoming.

Today she wanted to venture out to the formal ware store which will be closing next Saturday, hoping for a bargain for prom.  The senior prom will be held at the Baltimore Aquarium.  Dates are not important.

Delaney found a $350.00 dress that looked absolutely stunning on her.  I commented that it was pricey.  The store was offering a 50% discount due to the impending liquidation.  This would drop the price to  around $175.00....still a bit much.   Daughter suggested "haggling".   "Do you think we can haggle for a lower price?"

I don't know, but you could try.

Daughter offered  $100.00.  Sales Lady says...."I'll have to ask the manager, but that's a long shot."  She comes back and says  " You caught the manager in a good mood."  Delaney gets $350.00 dress for $100.00.

I could not be happier.  My daughter is not only smart and gorgeous, frugal and moneysmart, but she is not afraid to haggle.

I did not do anything!  Wow!

Of course she has to find a date or  a bunch of friends to go to the prom.  But we have until May of 2013.  My redhead daughter is absolutely gorgeous but perhaps intimidating to most of the boys around here.
Yes I am biased.  Have you seen her pictures?


dive said...

Yay! Hoorah for Delaney! You've certainly brought your girls up the right way, Neetzy.

Never mind the senior prom, bring her over here for the REAL Proms season and we can all go together to the Royal Albert Hall and show off her beauty at the Proms concerts. I'll let her haggle for ticket prices.

neetzy said...

Oooh! That sounds wonderful! How do we do that?

dive said...

It's a long swim, Neetzy, but if you can get over here between mid-July and mid-September of any year, we can dress up and hit the Proms.
Seat prices are all reasonable, but it's way more fun to queue up and pay £5 on the door and stand right up front with the Promenaders (expect party mayhem). Most days there are two full concerts in the Royal Albert Hall, plus others round the corner at Wigmore Hall and it's right opposite the park, slap in the middle of the West End.
Going on my own's not so much fun as dragging a whole bunch of boisterous Colonials along with me. Hee hee.